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Should Puerto Rico become the 51st state?

Puerto Rico is home to 3.3 million people - all American citizens. But they don't receive congressional representation or presidential…

Jul 11, 2018 11:40 a.m. · GovTrack Insider

S. 1091: Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act

S. 1091, as amended, establishes an Advisory Council to Support Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. The Council includes a number of federal agencies having responsibilities or administering programs related grandparents or other ...

Jul 7, 2018 · Enacted — Signed by the President

Site Updates in 2017

Hi everyone! Your GovTrackers Jesse, Amy, Ben, and Josh have been busy since our last update in 2016 adding new information and functionality to the site. Here’s what’s new in ...

Dec 13, 2017 12:32 p.m. · Site News

2017 Backer Update

Thank you to our users for the incredible support you have given us. For those that have supported us on Patreon or by hiding the advertisements, your support does not ...

Jul 30, 2017 12:26 p.m. · Site News

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