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About tracks the United States Congress and helps Americans participate in their national legislature.

We publish the status of federal legislation, information about your representative and senators in Congress including voting records, and original research on bills and votes.

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What you can do on GovTrack

Use GovTrack to track bills for updates by getting alerts and understand the broader context of legislation through our statistical analyses. Read our original research on GovTrack Insider.

You can read more about the data we have, including how you can get it. GovTrack was the first to create comprehensive open data about Congress, and we have successfully lobbied Congress to make more and better legislative information available to the public.

Who we are is a project of Civic Impulse, LLC, a completely independent entity which is wholly owned by its operator and receives no funding in any form from outside organizations. We have no financers, sponsors, investors, or partners, nor do we have any affiliation or relationship (financial or otherwise) with any political party, government agency, or any other outside group or persons.

We pay our operating costs through our advertising revenue (read our ad policy) and crowdfunding (support us on Patreon; see our 2015 project on Kickstarter).

We’re a small organization with four part-time staff members. Joshua Tauberer, who started GovTrack as a hobby in 2004, is the organization’s founder and president.

See our press clippings to read what people think of the site.

Help us open government

Join the movement to make our government more open and effective. Here are some ideas:

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Our Charter

1.’s mission is to help Americans participate in their government.

    a. We make information about the United States Congress accessible, understandable, and actionable for public use.

    b. We do this by putting the information in context, tracking new developments on issues our users care about, and helping our users take action to make a meaningful difference.

    c. We actively seek out any information relevant to our mission and new ways to analyze and explain that information.

    d. and the information we publish will always be free to view, use, and share by anyone.

2. We are committed to integrity.

    a. We know that government decisions have grave consequences, and so we carry out our work respectfully and responsibly.

    b. We never misrepresent or exclude information to favor one side. We never side for or against any policy, politician, or organization — except policies that further our mission as described in this charter.

    c. We do not accept grants from partisan organizations. Our advertising space is made available to all advertisers without regard to political views.

3. We are committed to democracy.

    a. We believe that transparency and education are crucial for achieving equity in rights and representation for all Americans.

    b. We believe that the best outcomes can be achieved not only with an informed public but also with a Congress that has the capacity to make informed decisions.

    d. We love the legislative branch (i.e., Congress). That’s why we think about it so much.