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There are 5,343 bills and resolutions currently before the United States Congress. Of those, only about 5% will become law. They must be enacted before the end of the 2015-2017 session (the “114th Congress”).

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1 bill or resolution is on the House and Senate calendars for the coming days. Once bills are scheduled for floor action, they typically have enough support to pass.

The Senate added the bill to its floor schedule for the following day on Jun 27, 2015.

Status: This bill has been passed in the House and the Senate, but the Senate made changes and sent it back to the House on June 18, 2015.

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Here is a breakdown of all 5,343 bills and resolutions currently before Congress:

Enacted Laws

There are 27 enacted bills and joint resolutions so far in this session of Congress.

Passed Resolutions

There are 215 passed resolutions so far in this session of Congress (for joint and concurrent resolutions, passed both chambers).

Got A Vote

There are 173 bills and joint/concurrent resolutions that had a significant vote in one chamber, making them likely to have further action.

Failed Legislation

There are 6 bills and resolutions that failed a vote on passage and are now dead or failed a significant vote such as cloture, passage under suspension, or resolving differences:

Vetoed Bills (w/o Override)

There are 2 bills that were vetoed and the veto was not overridden by Congress:

Other Legislation

There are 4,920 bills and resolutions that have been introduced, referred to committee, or reported by committee and await further action.

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Use the subject terms below or browse bills by the section of the United States Code they refer to.

Use the Library of Congress’s subject categorization of bills and resolutions to explore pending legislation in Congress.

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H.R. 1314: Trade Act of 2015
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H.R. 1538: CARERS Act of 2015
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S. 571: Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2
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