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H.R. 1939 (100th): Constitution Heritage Act of 1988

The text of the bill below is as of Sep 16, 1988 (Passed Congress).

102 STAT. 1640                  PUBLIC LAW 100-433—SEPT. 16, 1988
                  Public Law 100-433
                  100th Congress
                                                      An Act
                  To provide for continuing interpretation of the Constitution in appropriate units of
 Sept. 16, 1988     the National Park System by the Secretary of the Interior, and to establish
  [H.R. 1939]       a National center for the United States Constitution within the Independence
                    National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

                   Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
Constitution      United States of America in Congress assembled,
Heritage Act
of 1988.          SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE.
Historic            This Act may be cited as the "Constitution Heritage Act of 1988".
16 u s e 407aa    SEC. 2. FINDINGS AND PURPOSES.
note.                (a) FINDINGS.—Congress finds that:
16 u s e 407aa.
                           (1) 1987 was the bicentennial of the signing of the United
                        States Constitution;
                           (2) commemoration of the Constitution's bicentennial
                        included various events conducted by the Federal Commission
                        on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, and State
                        and local bicentennial commissions;
                           (3) bicentennial activities included important educational and
                        instructional programs to heighten public awareness of the
                        Constitution and the democratic process;
                           (4) educational programs for the Constitution should continue
                        after the bicentennial to document its profound impact on the
                        political, economic and social development of this Nation, and
                        in order to recognize those Americans instrumental in the
                        history of the Constitution; and
                           (5) units of the National Park System preserve and interpret
                        key historic sites that document the history of the origins,
                        subsequent development, and effects of the United States Con-
                        stitution on this Nation.
                    (b) PURPOSES.—It is therefore the policy of the Congress to provide
                  each of the following:
Education.                 (1) the necessary resources to develop a national resource
                        center to undertake, on an ongoing basis, educational programs
                        on the Constitution;
                           (2) exhibits of, and an archives for, programs on or related to
                        the recent bicentennial of the United States Constitution; and
                           (3) interpretation of the United States Constitution at those
                        units of the National Park System particularly relevant to its
                    (a) EsTABUSHMENT BY SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR.—The Secretary
                  of the Interior Oiereafter in this Act referred to as the "Secretary')
                  shall establish The National Constitution Center Oiereafter in this
                  Act referred to as the "Center") within or in close proximity to the
Public            Independence National Historical Park. The Center shall dissemi-
information.      nate information about the United States Constitution on a non-

PUBLIC LAW 100-433—SEPT. 16, 1988 102 STAT. 1641 partisan basis in order to increase the awareness £ind understanding of the Constitution among the American people. (b) FUNCTIONS OF THE CENTER.—The functions of the Center shall include— (1) serving £is a center of exhibits and related materials on the history and contemporary significance of the Constitution; (2) directing a national program of public education on the Education. Constitution; issuing traveling exhibits, commissioning radio and television progreuns, furnishing materials for the schools, and providing other education services; (3) functioning as an intellectual center, drawing both aca- demics and practitioners to debate and refine constitutional issues and, at the same time, providing intellectual support for the Center's exhibits and public education program; and (4) creating archives for programs on the bicentennial of the United States Constitution. SEC. 4. ACQUISITION OF SITE FOR AND OPERATION OF THE CENTER. 16 USC 407cc. (a) PROVIDING A SITE.—The Secretary through the General Serv- ices Administration, is authorized to provide, upon adequate re- imbursement, a site, including necessary structures, for the Center by- (1) using an existing structure or modifying an existing struc- ture for use; or (2) constructing a new structure to house the Center. The Secretary may acquire such land as is necessary to provide a site for the Center. 0)) PROVISION OF FUNDS TO THE CENTER.—The Secretary is au- Grants. thorized to make grants to, and enter into cooperative agreements, Contracts. contracts or leases with the National Constitution Center, Philadel- phia, Pennsylvania, which shall operate the Center as provided in this Act in order to carry out the purposes of this Act. Funds authorized to be appropriated under this Act may be made available to the National Constitution Center only to the extent that they are matched by such entity with funds from nonfederal sources. SEC. 5. DIRECTIVES TO SECRETARY. 16 USC 407dd. (a) INDEPENDENCE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK AND OTHER UNITS.—The Secretary shall interpret the origins, subsequent devel- opment, and effects of the United States Constitution on this coun- try at Independence National Historical Park and at such other units of the National Park System as are closely associated with the Constitution. The Secretary shall select not less than 12 units of the National Park System for such interpretation, including Independ- ence National Historical Park. (b) MEMORIAL.—The Secretary is authorized to establish and maintain at Independence National Historical Park an appropriate memorial to the United States Constitution as a key document in our Nation's history. (c) PuBuc MATERIALS.—In coordination with the National Con- stitution Center, the Secretary shall develop and make available to the public interpretive and educational materials related to sites within the National Park System as referred to in subsection (a). (d) COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS.—The Secretary may enter into cooperative agreements with the owners or administrators of his- toric sites closely associated with the Constitution, pursuant to
102 STAT. 1642 PUBLIC LAW 100-433—SEPT. 16,1988 which the Secretary may provide technical sissistance in the preservation and interpretation of such sites. Contracts. (e) RESEARCH AND EDUCATION.—The Secretary shall contract with the National Constitution Center and other qualified institutions of higher learning for research and other activities including the distribution of interpretive and educational materials as appro- priate in order to carry out the provisions of this Act. (f) Nothing in this section may be construed to alter or waive the requirement that the Secretary maintain the historic integrity of units of the National Park System, including compliance with sec- tion 106 of the Historic Preservation Act (90 Stat. 1320) as amended. 16 u s e 407ee. SEC. 6. FUNDING. There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act. Approved September 16, 1988. LEGISLATIVE fflSTORY—H.R. 1939: HOUSE REPORTS: No. 100-107 (Comm. on Interior and Insular Affairs). SENATE REPORTS: No. 100-450 (Comm. on Energy and Natural Resources). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: Vol. 133 (1987): May 27, considered and passed House. Vol. 134 (1988): Aug. 9, considered and passed Senate, amended. Sept. 8, House concurred in Senate amendments.