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H.R. 4263 (100th): A bill to designate interstate route I-195 in the State of New Jersey as the “James J. Howard Interstate Highway”.

The text of the bill below is as of Apr 6, 1988 (Passed Congress).

102 STAT. 70                   PUBLIC LAW 100-278—APR. 6, 1988
                Public Law 100-278
                100th Congress
                                                  An Act
 Apr. 6, 1988   To designate interstate route 1-195 in the State of New Jersey as the "James J.
 [H.R. 4263]                              Howard Interstate Highway".

                 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
                United States of America in Congress assembled,
                SECTION 1. DESIGNATION.
                  The segment of the National System for Interstate and Defense
                Highways designated as 1-195 in the State of New Jersey shall
                hereafter be known and designated as the "James J. Howard Inter-
                state Highway".
                SEC. 2. REFERENCE.
                  Any reference in a law, map, regulation, document, or other paper
                of the United States to the highway referred to in section 1 shall be
                deemed to be a reference to the "James J. Howard Interstate
                  Approved April 6, 1988.

                LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.R. 4263:
                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 134 (1988):
                    Mar. 28, considered and passed House and Senate.