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S. 136 (100th): Native Hawaiian Health Care Act of 1988

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10/12/1988--Passed House amended. (Measure passed House, amended) Native Hawaiian Health Care Act of 1988 - Authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to make a grant to, or enter into a contract with, Papa Ola Lokahi (the Native Hawaiian Health Board) to develop a comprehensive master plan to promote health and disease prevention services and to improve the health status of Native Hawaiians. Authorizes appropriations for FY 1990. Allows the Secretary to make grants to or contract with qualified entities to provide health promotion and disease prevention services, giving preference to Native Hawaiian health centers and organizations. Allows grants and contracts for planning health centers to serve the communities on specified islands. Enumerates the mandatory services to be provided by funding recipients, including outreach services, immunizations, diabetes control, nutrition services, and pregnancy care. Allows service to be provided by traditional Native Hawaiian healers. Limits the number and location of entities that may be grant or contract recipients. Limits Federal contributions to 75 percent and requires matching funds. Places limitations on charges for services. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes the Secretary to make grants to or contract with Papa Ola Lokahi for: (1) coordination, implementation, and updating of the master plan; (2) training of certain personnel; and (3) identification of and research into the diseases most prevalent among Native Hawaiians. Authorizes appropriations for FY 1990 through 1992. Sets forth requirements for the administration of grants and contracts. Requires that certain conditions are met, including establishing fiscal control and accounting procedures, providing services for individuals with limited English language ability, providing confidentiality of records, and submitting annual reports. Establishes procedures for contract evaluation, including procedures for resolving areas of noncompliance or unsatisfactory performance before renewing a contract. Restricts the use of funds for administrative expenses. Requires each entity receiving or expending funds under this Act to submit quarterly reports to the Secretary and Papa Ola Lokahi. Authorizes the assignment of certain HHS personnel to grantees and contractors. Repeals a specified demonstration project under the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, as amended by the Indian Health Care Amendments of 1988.