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H.R. 1486 (101st): To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 1990 for the Maritime Administration and for other purposes.

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9/22/1989--Passed Senate amended. Authorizes appropriations for the Maritime Administration for FY 1990 for: (1) operating-differential subsidies; (2) research and development; (3) manpower, education, and training; (4) operating programs; and (5) national security support capabilities, including for the National Defense Reserve Fleet and the Ready Reserve Force. Amends the Merchant Marine Act, 1936 to revise Federal provisions relating to the making of student incentive payments to individuals enrolled in State maritime academies. Mandates that a State maritime academy, in order to receive any payment or the use of any vessel under certain provisions, require, as a condition for graduation, that a U.S. citizen in a merchant marine officer preparation program pass the Coast Guard examination for a license. Directs the Secretary of Transportation to submit to the Congress a study on providing training opportunities for State, regional, and Federal maritime academy students that will produce licensed graduate officers. Prohibits the Secretary from implementing any ship sharing program until at least 60 days after submission of the study to the Congress. Amends the Merchant Marine Act, 1936 to set the cap on annual payments to regional maritime academies which meet certain requirements at $200,000. Amends the Merchant Ship Sales Act of 1946 to replace provisions setting forth the composition of the national defense reserve fleet and making certain vessels available to State marine schools with provisions directing the Secretary of Transportation to maintain a National Defense Reserve Fleet, including any vessel assigned to the Ready Reserve Force component of the fleet, consisting of vessels owned or acquired by the United States that the Secretary determines are of value for national defense and decides to place and maintain in the fleet. Sets forth permissible uses of the fleet. Prohibits the Secretary from requiring certain types of bonds from contractors for repair, alteration, or maintenance of vessels of the National Defense Reserve Fleet unless required by law or the Secretary determines that such a requirement would not preclude any responsible bidder or offeror from competing. Amends the Merchant Marine Act, 1936 to condition war risk insurance and reinsurance for vessels on such vessels being available for the United States in time of war or national emergency. Extends until June 30, 1995, the expiration of the authority of the Secretary to provide war risk insurance or reinsurance. Authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to designate National Maritime Enhancement Institutes. Allows activities undertaken by the Institute to include: (1) conducting research on methods to improve maritime industries' performance; (2) enhancing the competitiveness of domestic maritime industries in international trade; (3) forecasting trade trends; (4) assessing technological advancements; (5) developing management and training; (6) analyzing impacts of regulatory policies and pending international negotiations; (7) assessing the compatibility of domestic and overseas transport systems; (8) fostering innovations in maritime transportation pricing; and (9) improving maritime economics and finance. Sets forth criteria for designation of an Institute. Authorizes the Secretary to make research grants to an Institute, on an equal matching basis, to a specified aggregate limit.