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H.R. 2429 (101st): Auburn Dam Completion Act of 1989

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5/18/1989--Introduced. Auburn Dam Completion Act of 1989 - Amends Federal law regarding the Auburn-Folsom South unit, American River division, Central Valley project, California. Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior (Secretary) to build a visitor center near Auburn Dam. Requires maintenance of minimum-flow levels in the Lower American River downstream of the diversion point. Requires inclusion of a monitoring program in operations of the Auburn-Folsom South unit to report annually on the effectiveness of minimum-flow levels in protecting recreation, fish and wildlife, and scenic characteristics of the river. Allows the use of water without obligation to reimburse the United States for any impact on the Auburn-Folsom South unit, providing users comply with State water laws and give priority to the county of origin for present and future needs. Amends the Flood Control Act of 1970 to authorize the Secretary, as part of the construction of the Auburn-Folsom South unit, to relocate the southern end of the road to California Highway 193. Allows the Secretary to enter into cost-sharing agreements with non-Federal entities at varying levels for financing the unit. Prohibits the Secretary from resuming construction on the Auburn-Folsom South unit until cost-sharing agreements with non-Federal entities have been executed. Directs the Secretary to negotiate an agreement with the American River Authority, a Joint Powers Authority, to finance the Auburn Dam and power supply through the issuance of long-term securities. Sets forth provisions of such agreement.