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H.R. 5275 (101st): Congressional Award Amendments of 1990

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress.

10/20/1990--Passed Senate amended. Congressional Award Amendments of 1990 - Amends the Congressional Award Act (the Act) to authorize appropriations for FY 1991 and 1992 to cover costs associated with: (1) provision of all medals and certificates under the Act; and (2) the annual Award ceremony for recipients of Gold Awards. Provides for disbursement of such funds by the Clerk of the House. Extends until October 1, 1992, the Congressional Award Board (the Board). Terminates the Board on such date. Changes the deadline for the Board's annual report to before April 1 (currently before March 1) of each year. Provides that, for purposes of determining the derivation of the appointment of a Board member, if there is a change in the status of majority and minority between the parties of the House or the Senate, the Board member shall be deemed to have been appointed by the leadership position of the party of the individual who made the initial appointment of such Board member. Sets forth: (1) terms of appointment of Board members; and (2) rules governing reappointments, determination of length of service, and determination of terms of current Board Members. Sets forth rules for removing a Board member for consecutive absences from, or failures to send a designee to, Board meetings. Authorizes the Board to conduct outreach activities to encourage the establishment and development of Statewide Congressional Award Councils. Directs the Board to develop guidelines, criteria, and standards for the formation of such Councils. Sets forth various duties and responsibilities of such Councils. Authorizes such Councils to receive contributions which may be made available to local boards. Directs the Board to ensure proper accounting of such funds. Revises restrictions on the Board's acceptance of donations. Authorizes the Board to permit donors to use its name or that of the Congressional Award Program in advertising. Prohibits the Board from receiving any Federal funds or resources, but allows it to: (1) benefit from in-kind and indirect resources provided by offices of Members of Congress or the Congress; and (2) receive indirect benefits from efforts or activities undertaken in collaboration with entities which receive Federal funds or resources. Requires annual (currently biennial) audits by the Comptroller General of the Board's financial records and of any private nonprofit corporation established to assist the Board. Requires the Comptroller General to report annually to appropriate congressional officers, committees, and subcommittees on the results of such audit and on any additional areas requiring evaluation.