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S. 2759 (101st): A bill to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 1991 for the Federal Maritime Commission, and for other purposes.

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8/4/1990--Indefinitely postponed in Senate. Authorizes appropriations for the Federal Maritime Commission. Increases the amount allowed to be expended for official reception and representation expenses. Amends the Shipping Act of 1984 to change the due date for a final report by the Advisory Commission on Conferences in Ocean Shipping to one year after all of the Commission's members have been appointed (currently, one year after the Commission is established). Amends the Merchant Marine Act, 1920 to authorize and direct the Federal Maritime Commission to make rules and regulations regarding intermodal movements, terminal operations, cargo solicitation, forwarding and agency services, non-vessel-operating common carrier operations, and other activities integral to transportation systems. Authorizes the Commission, in furtherance of the purposes of such Act, to initiate rules and regulations on its own motion or pursuant to a petition by a person. Authorizes the Commission to require a person to file information with the Commission. Makes a person who fails to file such required information liable for civil fines. Empowers the Commission to authorize a party to use depositions, written interrogatories, and discovery procedures in conformity, to the extent practicable, with those of the U.S. district courts. Grants the Commission subpoena power. Entitles, subject to funds being appropriated, witnesses to the same fees and mileage as in U.S. courts. Authorizes the Commission, for failure to supply information ordered or subpoenaed, to: (1) suspend tariffs of a common carrier or suspend that carrier's right to use tariffs of conferences of which it is a member; or (2) assess a civil fine. Authorizes the Commission to seek enforcement of such information order or subpoena in U.S. district court. Authorizes the Commission, notwithstanding another law, to refuse to disclose to the public information provided under certain provisions amended by this Act. Authorizes the Commission, upon its finding of conditions unfavorable to shipping in the foreign trade of the United States, to: (1) limit sailings; (2) suspend tariffs; (3) suspend a common carrier's right to operate under an agreement filed with the Commission; (4) impose a per-voyage fee up to a specified amount; or (5) take any other action the Commission finds necessary and appropriate. Requires the collector of customs, upon request by the Commission, to: (1) refuse clearance to a vessel of a country named in a rule or regulation issued by the Commission; and (2) collect any such per-voyage fees imposed by the Commission. Requires the Secretary of the department in which the Coast Guard is operating to: (1) deny such a vessel entry, for purpose of oceanborne trade, into the United States; or (2) detain such a vessel from leaving a place in the United States for another place in the United States. Makes a common carrier which accepts or handles cargo under a tariff which has been suspended as provided in this Act or after its right to use another tariff has been so suspended subject to a civil fine. Authorizes the Commission to consult with other Government agencies before taking action under the provisions amended by this Act. Authorizes the Secretary of Transportation, notwithstanding specified provisions of the Merchant Marine Act, 1920 and other specified Federal law, to issue for 24 specified vessels a certificate of documentation.