H.Con.Res. 355 (102nd): Concerning Israel’s recent elections and the visit by Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to the United States.

102nd Congress, 1991–1992. Text as of Aug 12, 1992 (Passed Congress/Enrolled Bill).

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106 STAT. 5200              CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS—AUG. 12, 1992
                         number of security guards to permit reKef supplies to move
                         into and within Somalia, and committing funds for such an
                         effort; and
                            (7) urges the President to work with the United Nations
                         Security Coimcil to deploy these security guards immediately,
                         with or without the consent of the Somalia factions, in order
                         to assure that humanitarian relief gets to those most in need,
                         pgirticularly the women, children and elderly of SomaUa.
                       Agreed to August 10, 1992.

[H. Con. Res. 355]                          YITZHAK        RABIN

                     Whereas the Israeli public recently went to the polls to participate
                       in the only fully free and democratic elections in the Middle
                     Whereas Israel has faced serious outside threats to her existence
                       since 1948 and has never. compromised the democratic system
                       upon which the nation was founded;
                     Whereas as a result of democratic elections, a peaceful and orderly
                       transfer of power has taken place;
                     Whereas the elections and debate leading to them demonstrated
                      to the world the openness and vibrancy of Israeli democracy;
                     Whereas Israel is actively committed to the absorption of close
                       to 1,000,000 refugees over the next several years;
                     Whereas Israel remains committed and engaged in the Mideast
                       peace process and is seeking an acceleration of that process;
                     Whereas Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is currently visiting
                      the United States: Now, therefore, be it
                      Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring),
                     That the Congress—
                            (1) congratulates the citizens of Israel on concluding fair
                          and open democratic elections;
                            (2) welcomes Prime Minister Rabin to the United States
                          and applauds his statements and actions encouraging active
                          participation in the search for peace; and
                           (3) calls upon all parties in the region to actively and seriously
                         engage in the peace process.
                       Agreed to August 12, 1992.

[S. Con. Res. 81]                                 MUSEUM

                     Whereas visionary art is the art produced by self-taught individuals
                      who are driven by their own internal impijlses to create;
                     Whereas the visionary artist's product is a striking personal state-
                      ment possessing a powerful and often spiritual quality;
                     Whereas prominent among the creators of visionary art are the
                      mentally ill, the disabled, and the elderly;