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H.R. 3870 (102nd): Soviet Military Threat Reduction Act of 1991

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress, and was published on Nov 22, 1991.

Soviet Military Threat Reduction Act of 1991 - Title I: Emergency Assistance to Soviet People - Authorizes the President to provide emergency assistance to the people of the Soviet Union (as it existed prior to its breakup), Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Outlines forms of such assistance, including use of the resources of our armed forces and the provision of emergency humanitarian relief supplies from inventories of the Department of Defense (DOD). Title II: Soviet Defense Conversion and Demilitarization - Authorizes the President to establish programs to promote Soviet and Eastern European defense conversion and demilitarization. Requires funds for such programs to be transferred from funds appropriated to DOD for FY 1992. Authorizes the President to establish a blue-ribbon panel to make recommendations to the Secretary of Defense regarding contracts with such governments on such conversion and demilitarization, cooperation, and the provision of incentives to U.S. private sector entities to invest in Soviet and Eastern European military conversion. Outlines program types. Title III: Administrative and Funding Authorities - Authorizes funds used for reducing the Soviet military threat to be provided through the Defense Fund for the Reduction of the Soviet Military Threat established under this title. Authorizes the Secretary to reimburse other Federal departments and agencies for the cost of participation in the programs established under title II. Authorizes the President to make certain transfers into the Fund from specified DOD accounts. Requires the costs of all programs established under this Act to be charged against the Fund. Title IV: Reporting Requirements - Requires the President to provide at least 15 days' prior notice to the Congress before making any transfers to the Fund. Directs the President to report quarterly to the Congress on programs established to reduce the Soviet military threat under this Act.