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H.R. 3998 (102nd): Youth Apprenticeship Act of 1991

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11/26/1991--Introduced. Youth Apprenticeship Act of 1991 - Establishes an Institute for Youth Apprenticeship (the Institute) as an independent establishment to administer youth apprenticeship demonstration programs set up under this Act. Directs the Board Chairperson to establish guidelines, criteria, and procedures for youth apprenticeship demonstration programs, based on such report, including curriculum guidelines, criteria for demonstration program sites and for apprenticeship occupations, and competency criteria and certification procedures for apprentices and trainers. Directs the Institute Executive Director to enter into contracts with public and nonprofit private organizations to develop and evaluate youth apprenticeship demonstration programs. Requires each eligible entity entering into such a contract with the Board to establish partnerships among secondary and postsecondary schools and employers, labor organizations, and community and civic leaders to provide apprenticeship training to students. Requires at least: (1) one secondary school wage incentive demonstration program under which the Institute shall pay 50 percent of the apprenticeship wage; and (2) one secondary school disadvantaged youth demonstration program. Authorizes two postsecondary school demonstration programs (i.e. two contracts with partnerships for programs solely for postsecondary students). Makes such partnerships responsible for program and curriculum development, coordination and quality assurances, and assessment and evaluation of apprentices and training programs. Sets forth requirements for partnership training for various levels of secondary school students. Sets forth requirements for employers to pay: (1) 100 percent of the apprentice wage rate in secondary school programs (but 50 percent in the wage incentive program); (2) 100 percent of the apprentice wage rate and costs of continuing basic skills courses in postsecondary programs; and (3) costs of on-the-job training. States that employers shall not be required to hire apprentices upon completion of the apprenticeships. Directs the Institute to coordinate programs by: (1) providing technical assistance to partnerships; (2) operating an apprenticeship clearinghouse for the partnerships; (3) disseminating model programs and practices to the partnerships; (4) gathering input from all sources on proposals for the labor mobility of apprentices; (5) consult with the Office of Work-Based Learning of the Department of Labor and the Division of Vocational and Technical Education of the Department of Education; and (6) comply with specified evaluation and report requirements. Sets forth provisions relating to: (1) nondiscrimination; (2) notice, hearing, and grievance procedures; (3) nonduplication and nondisplacement; and (4) evaluation and reports. Authorizes appropriations. Abolishes the Board and Institute, terminates all programs established by this Act, and repeals this Act and the amendments it makes not later than 69 months after the initiation of the youth apprenticeship demonstration programs.