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H.R. 423 (102nd): Interstate Greyhound Racing Act of 1990

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1/3/1991--Introduced. Interstate Greyhound Racing Act of 1990 - Allows the acceptance of interstate off-track wagers on greyhound races by off-track betting systems. Allows such wagers only after consent is obtained from the host racing association (making certain exceptions with regard to existing contracts), the host racing commission, and the off-track commission. Requires any off-track betting office to obtain the approval of all currently operating tracks within 60 miles of the office (or, if there are none, then of the closest currently operating track in an adjoining State). Allows off-track betting offices in a State with at least 250 days of on-track parimutuel greyhound racing a year to accept interstate off-track wagers for 60 racing days and 25 special events per year without approval if there is no similar racing being conducted within the off-track State within 60 miles of the office accepting the wager. Prohibits a parimutuel off-track betting system from employing a takeout for an interstate wager which is greater than the takeout for corresponding wagering pools of off-track wagers on races run within the off-track State except where the greater takeout is authorized by State law in the off-track State. Makes persons accepting interstate off-track wagers in violation of this Act civilly liable to the host State, the host racing association, and the greyhound owners' group.