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H.R. 5249 (102nd): Gulf of Mexico Preservation Act of 1992

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress.

5/21/1992--Introduced. Gulf of Mexico Preservation Act of 1992 - Directs the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish a Gulf of Mexico Program to: (1) assess trends in environmental quality in the Gulf; (2) collaborate with specified entities to identify causes of environmental problems; and (3) provide for the development of a management, protection, and restoration plan. Establishes a Gulf of Mexico Program Office within EPA. Authorizes the Administrator to: (1) conduct a study of environmental problems in the Gulf that are not confined to the jurisdiction of any Federal, State, or foreign entity; and (2) enter into memoranda of understanding and cooperative agreements and participate in a joint commission with the Mexican Government and any other appropriate foreign country to address such problems. Directs the Administrator to report to the appropriate congressional committees on the status of activities in the Gulf. Requires the Administrator to prepare an assessment of Gulf environmental quality that shall: (1) describe the existing state of knowledge concerning the Gulf's environmental quality; (2) include an inventory of relevant environmental research and monitoring programs; (3) identify gaps in knowledge and research needed for the development of the management plan; and (4) assess the environmental impact of specified types of pollution, erosion, dissolved oxygen, bacterial infection in fish, and oil spill response activities. Directs the Administrator to design a strategy for monitoring the environmental quality of the Gulf. Authorizes the Administrator to carry out the assessment and strategy by making grants to specified public and private entities. Requires the Administrator to develop a management, protection, and restoration plan for the Gulf. Requires the Plan to: (1) establish priority schedules for addressing environmental problems in the Gulf; (2) outline specific activities to be conducted under the Program; (3) provide for cooperative activities by public and private entities under the Program; (4) set forth recommendations for actions by Federal, State, and local agencies to prevent, abate, or remediate pollution in the Gulf or to improve environmental quality; and (5) include a summary of the assessment and the monitoring strategy. Provides for periodic reviews of the Plan. Directs the Administrator to make grants to States for purposes of furthering the development and implementation of the Plan. Prohibits grants from being used to relieve any person of liability for environmental damages, response costs, or related relief under Federal or State law. Authorizes appropriations. Earmarks at least 70 percent of appropriations for the grant program. Requires the Administrator to request that funding of the Program Office be included as a separate line item in any annual budget proposal submitted by the President to the Congress.