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H.R. 5980 (102nd): Veterans’ Job Training Act of 1992

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9/18/1992--Introduced. Veterans' Job Training Act of 1992 - Amends the Job Training Partnership Act to direct the Secretary of Labor to carry out a veterans' job training program to assist eligible veterans in obtaining employment through employer job training programs. Makes eligible for such program qualified veterans who: (1) are unemployed at the time of application to the program; and (2) have been unemployed for at least ten of the 15 weeks preceding the date of application for participation in the program. Defines a "qualified veteran" as: (1) a veteran who has served in the active military, naval, or air service for a period of more than 180 days, any part of which was after June 27, 1950; or (2) a disabled veteran who served after such date. Sets forth application requirements. Directs the Secretary to issue eligible veterans certificates of eligibility for presentation to employers offering job training programs. Authorizes employers to establish job training programs to provide training and retraining to veterans with approved applications. Requires such programs to be for periods of at least six months for occupations in growth industries, requiring new technological skills, or for which demand for labor exceeds supply. Sets forth application requirements for employers, including certifications concerning: (1) maximum periods of job training to be provided; (2) equivalent wages and benefits; (3) prohibitions on displacement of workers in order to employ a veteran; (4) prohibitions on training veterans who are already qualified for the job for which the training is to be provided; (5) full-time employment for veterans; (6) appropriate length of training programs; (7) records on participating veterans; and (8) permanent employment for veterans after completion of training. Bars approval of employer applications if they contain a program: (1) for employment of seasonal or temporary jobs; (2) for employment under which commissions are a primary source of income; (3) for employment which involves political or religious activities; (4) for employment with any Federal agency; or (5) in which the training will not be carried out in a State. Authorizes the Secretary to withhold approval of a veteran's entry into a program if there are insufficient funds to make payments to the employer offering the program. Requires payments to employers for the costs of training programs to equal 50 percent of a veteran's wages and benefits up to a limit of $15,000 per year. Permits employers to enter into agreements with educational institutions approved for enrollment of veterans to provide training programs. Provides for counseling and information and outreach programs for veterans with respect to job training programs. Considers veterans to be members of a targeted group for purposes of the targeted jobs tax credit. Authorizes appropriations.