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H.R. 6167 (102nd): Water Resources Development Act of 1992

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10/5/1992--Introduced. Water Resources Development Act of 1992 - Title I: Water Resources Projects - Authorizes the Secretary of the Army (the Secretary) to carry out public works projects in the following locations for improvements to navigation, flood control, ecosystem restoration, and beach erosion control and hurricane protection: (1) Southeast Alaska Harbors of Refuge, Alaska; (2) Whiteman's Creek, Arkansas; (3) Morro Bay Harbor, California; (4) Sacramento Metro Area, California; (5) Rio Grande Alamosa, Colorado; (6) Delaware River Mainstem and Channel Deepening, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania; (7) Canaveral Harbor, Florida; (8) Kissimmee River, Florida; (9) Port Everglades Harbor, Florida; (10) Savannah Harbor, Georgia and South Carolina; (11) Amite River and Tributaries, Louisiana; (12) Saugus River and Tributaries, Massachusetts; (13) Las Vegas Wash and Tributaries, Nevada; (14) Morehead City Harbor, North Carolina; (15) West Onslow and New River Inlet, North Carolina; (16) Lackawanna River at Olyphant and at Scranton, Pennsylvania; (17) Locks and Dams 2 and 3, Monongahela River, Pennsylvania; (18) Rio Grande De Loiza, Puerto Rico; (19) Sargent Beach, Texas; (20) Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas; and (21) Sandbridge Beach, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Modifies projects at the following locations with respect to wildlife mitigation, flood control, beach erosion control and hurricane protection, navigation, and other improvements: (1) Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, Alabama and Mississippi; (2) Goleta and vicinity, California; (3) Oceanside Harbor, California; (4) San Leandro Marina, California; (5) O'Hare system of the Chicagoland underflow plan, Illinois; (6) Illinois River, Illinois; (7) South Frankfort, Kentucky; (8) Locks and Dam 26, Mississippi River, Alton, Illinois and Missouri; (9) Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana; (10) Parish Creek, Shady Side, Maryland; (11) Buffomville Lake, Massachusetts; (12) South Fork Zumbro River, Minnesota; (13) New Madrid Harbor, Missouri; (14) Papillion Creek and Tributaries Lakes, Nebraska; (15) Passaic River Main Stem, New Jersey and New York; (16) Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook Bay, New Jersey; (17) Sandy Hook to Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey; (18) Rio Grande Floodway, New Mexico; (19) Jones Inlet, New York; (20) Westhampton Beach, New York; (21) Broken Bow Lake, Red River Basin, Oklahoma; (22) Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania; (23) Chetco River, Oregon; (24) Port Orford, Oregon; (25) Cliff Walk, Newport, Rhode Island; (26) Ray Roberts Lake, Elm Fork of the Trinity River, Texas; (27) Sims Bayou, Texas; (28) Virginia Beach, Virginia; (29) Lower Granite Lock and Dam, Washington; (30) Beech Fork Lake, West Virginia; (31) Bluestone Lake, Ohio River Basin, West Virginia; and (32) La Crosse and Shelby, Wisconsin. Amends the Water Resources Development Act of 1986 to authorize and direct the Secretary of the Interior to enter into a contract with the St. Johns River Water Management District and the Southwest Florida Water Management District of the State of Florida for the continued operation and maintenance by the Secretary of portions of the Cross Florida barge canal project, subject to specified requirements. Authorizes the Secretary (subject to specified requirements) to: (1) construct visitor centers at Melvin Price Lock and Dam, Alton, Illinois, and at Mt. Morris Dam, New York, and a Northeastern New Jersey Regional Flood Operations-Response, Engineering, and Visitor Center, and at the John Hammerschmidt Lake, Arkansas River, Arkansas; and (2) establish and operate the Lower Mississippi River Museum and Riverfront Interpretive Site, Vicksburg, Mississippi. Directs the Secretary to consult with the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution in the planning and design of the museum and site and with the Secretary of the Interior and the Director of the National Park Service in the planning, design, and implementation of interpretive programs. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes the Secretary to conduct studies and carry out small navigation projects at: (1) Calcasieu River, Louisiana; (2) Provincetown Harbor, Massachusetts; (3) Aunt Lydia's Cove, Chatham, Massachusetts; (4) Grand Marais, Minnesota; (5) Grand Portage, Minnesota; (6) Silver Bay, Minnesota; (7) Seaway Pier, Buffalo, New York; and (8) Tangier Island, Virginia. Authorizes the Secretary to conduct studies and, if the Secretary determines such projects to be feasible, to carry out small flood control projects at: (1) Blue River and Brock Creek, Salem, Indiana; (2) White River, Elnora, Indiana; (3) White River, Gibson County, Indiana; (4) White River, Petersburg, Indiana; (5) Wabash River, Knox County, Indiana; (6) Red River at Grand Marais Outlet, Minnesota; (7) Sullivan Run Creek, Butler, Pennsylvania; (8) Little Fossil Creek, Texas; and (9) Turpentine Run, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Modifies the project with respect to the maximum allotment and cost-sharing at St. Peters, St. Charles County, Missouri. Directs the Secretary to develop and carry out a Sonoma Baylands wetland demonstration project in the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary, California. Sets forth project purposes and requirements. Authorizes appropriations. Sets forth limitations on amounts transferred and obligated pursuant to the Upper Mississippi River Management Program. Specifies that the costs of operation and maintenance of projects located on Federal lands or lands owned or operated by a State or local government shall be borne by the Federal, State, or local agency that is responsible for management activities for fish and wildlife on such lands. Directs the Secretary to construct a research and quarantine facility in Broward County, Florida, to be used in connection with efforts to control Melaleuca and other exotic plant species that threaten native ecosystems in Florida. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes the Secretary to maintain navigation access to, and berthing areas at, all currently operating public and private commercial dock facilities associated with or having access to the Federal navigation project on the Columbia, Snake, and Clearwater Rivers from Bonneville Dam to and incuding Lewiston, Idaho, at a depth commensurate with the Federal navigation project. Exempts the Federal Government from liability resulting from such project. Authorizes the Secretary to construct such bulkheads along the Outer Harbor, Buffalo, New York, as may be necessary to protect the shoreline and reduce the flow of pollutants into Lake Erie. Directs the Secretary to: (1) conduct a study for a streambank and shoreline protection project for Walnut Canyon Creek, Anaheim, California, subject to specified requirements; and (2) proceed expeditiously with design, land acquisition, and construction of the Montgomery Point Lock and Dam on the White River, Arkansas. Sets forth provisions with respect to the costs of major rehabilitation from specified projects. Authorizes the Secretary to conduct a study for the purpose of determining whether there is contaminated ground water flowing downstream from the San Gabriel Valley Ground Water Basin to the Central Ground Water Basin in California through existing Federal facilities at Whittier Narrows Dam, Los Angeles County, California. Directs the Secretary: (1) to complete the general reevaluation study for the flood control project at Santa Paula Creek, California, and transmit to the Congress a report on the results of such study; (2) to complete and transmit to the Congress a feasibility study for enlargement of the flood control project for the Success Reservoir, Tule River, California; and (3) as part of the ongoing review of the Anacostia River Watershed in the District of Columbia and Maryland, to carry out a comprehensive assessment of adverse impacts to such watershed from Federal facilities, review current plans for reducing such adverse impacts, and carry out a feasibility study to identify and recommend measures for implementation to eliminate such adverse impacts. Authorizes appropriations. Directs the Secretary to: (1) expeditiously complete the general design memorandum for the sand transfer portion of the navigation project for Canaveral Harbor, Florida; (2) expeditiously complete that portion of the navigation study for Tampa Harbor, Alafia River and Big Bend, Florida, relating to the Alafia River; (3) complete the feasibility study for Cedar River and tributaries, Blackhawk, Iowa; (4) complete the study for Federal maintenance of the Port Fourchon Navigation Channel, Louisiana; (5) conduct a study of and report to the Congress on, the water supply, distribution, and transmission needs of Brockton, Massachusetts; the feasibility of providing additional water supply for Brockton and vicinity; and the water quality and quantity and related land resources of the Taunton River; (6) conduct a study on proposed uses of the seawall located in Haverhill, Massachusetts (7) conduct an economic reevaluation of proposed improvements at Grand Marais Harbor, Michigan; (8) conduct a review and evaluation of the recreational master plan for Yazoo Basin, Mississippi; (9) conduct a study of the project for flood control, Ramapo River, Oakland, New Jersey; (10) complete the feasibility study for Little River, Niagara Falls, New York; (11) complete the feasibility study of shoreline protection for Strawberry Island, New York (and take such interim emergency measures as necessary); (12) complete a study of the flood control project for Wister Lake, Oklahoma; (13) conduct independent studies to determine the Federal interest and feasibility of providing improvements to the Chesapeake Bay shoreline in Hampton and Poquoson, Virginia, for environmental protection and enhancement and protection against high tides and wave action; (14) conduct a study of the project for navigation, Corpus Christi Ship Channel, Texas to determine the feasibility of modifying the project to include maintenance of the Jewel Fulton Canal at a depth of 17 feet as a Federal responsibility; and (15) conduct a study to determine the feasibility of establishing a Tug Valley Greenway, West Virginia, for the purpose of utilizing the river environment for public recreation opportunities. Sets forth reporting requirements. Sets the Federal share (100 percent) of the cost of completion of the study for mitigation of shoreline damage attributable to the Federal navigation project at Salmon Harbor, Oregon. Continues the authorization for projects and studies (for flood control and other purposes) at the following locations: (1) Green Bay Levee District, Iowa; (2) Lake Pontchartrain, North Shore, Louisiana; (3) St. Johns Bayou and New Madrid Floodway, Missouri; (4) Deal Lake, Monmouth County, New Jersey; (5) Tyrone, Pennsylvania; and (6) Big Pine Lake, Texas. Sets forth limitations with respect to such projects and studies. Deauthorizes navigation projects at the following locations: (1) Boothbay Harbor, Maine; (2) Boston Inner Harbor Channel, Massachusetts; (3) Newburyport, Massachusetts; (4) Greilickville, Michigan; (5) South Haven Harbor, Michigan; and (6) Sag Harbor, New York. Deauthorizes a portion of the Canaveral Harbor project, Florida. Designates: (1) lock and dam 3, Arkansas River, Arkansas, as the "Joe Hardin Lock and Dam"; (2) the Greers Ferry Lake Visitors Center, Arkansas, as the "William Carl Garner Visitors Center"; (3) the reservoir created by the James W. Trimble Lock and Dam on the Arkansas River, Arkansas, as the "John Paul Hammerschmidt Lake"; (4) lock 5 on the Red River Waterway, Louisiana, as the "Joe D. Waggonner, Jr. Lock"; (5) the area for which environmental and other streambank restoration measures are authorized relating to the project for flood control, Passaic River Mainstem, New Jersey and New York, as the "Joseph G. Minish Passaic River Waterfront Park and Historic Area"; (6) the project for flood control, Buena Vista, Virginia, as the "James R. Olin Flood Control Project"; (7) the Gallipolis Locks and Dam, Ohio River, Ohio and West Virginia, as the "Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam"; and (8) the Mill Creek Reservoir, Washington, as the "Virgil B. Bennington Lake." Title II: Generally Applicable Provisions - Amends the Water Resources Development Act of 1986 to modify requirements concerning the ability of non-Federal interests to pay under cost-sharing agreements. Directs the Secretary to: (1) review regulations on ability to pay in light of locally prevailing conditions such as those associated with specified projects; and (2) amend the regulations to the extent that the Secretary determines necessary to more appropriately take into account locally prevailing conditions which would limit the ability of local interests to participate as non-Federal project sponsors in accordance with established cost-sharing formulas. Prohibits project modifications for improvements of the environment without specific congressional authorization if the estimated cost exceeds $5 million. Authorizes appropriation of not to exceed $25 million (currently, $15 million) annually to carry out provisions related to such modifications. Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) accept contributions for environmental and recreation projects, with funds received to be deposited into a specified account in the Treasury; and (2) carry out projects for the protection, restoration, and creation of aquatic and ecologically related habitats in connection with dredging of an authorized navigation project. Sets forth provisions, in connection with the latter, regarding cooperative agreements, determination of construction costs, and authorization of appropriations. Sets forth provisions with respect to: (1) the definition of rehabilitation for inland waterway projects; (2) construction of shoreline protection projects by non-Federal interests; (3) cost-sharing for disposal of dredged material on beaches; and (4) fees for development of State water plans. Extends specified State safety and training, research, and dam inventory programs. Authorizes the Secretary to provide assistance to non-Federal interests for the repair, reconstruction, or other modification to Mussers Dam, Middle Creek, Snyder County, Pennsylvania, subject to specified limitations. Sets forth the Federal share. Authorizes appropriations. Specifies that all costs incurred in carrying out the project to correct seepage problems at Beaver Lake, Arkansas, shall be treated as costs incurred for a dam safety project, subject to cost-sharing requirements of the Water Resources Development Act of 1986. Authorizes the Secretary to procure materials necessary to promote the Corps safety program, for distribution to Corps employees, and to recognize outstanding safety performance by such employees. Authorizes appropriations. Directs the Secretary: (1) to the maximum extent practicable, to make use of private sector resources in carrying out surveying and mapping activities in the Corps' Civil Works Program; (2) to ensure that procurement with funds appropriated to carry out this Act are conducted in compliance with the "Buy American Act," with exceptions; (3) to report to specified congressional committees with specific recommendations on improving the equitable distribution of water resources development projects in rural areas; and (4) to conduct a comparative analysis with respect to the compensation of Corps and other similarly-situated Federal employees. Sets forth additional reporting requirements. Directs the Secretary to conduct a study on the need for changes in Federal law and policy with respect to dredged material disposal areas for the construction and maintenance of harbors and inland harbors by the Secretary. Sets forth reporting requirements. Authorizes the Secretary to provide assistance to non-Federal interests for carrying out specified projects for the beneficial reuse of waste water, including: (1) a Southern California Comprehensive Water reuse system; (2) San Diego area water reuse demonstration facilities; (3) Santa Rosa water reuse projects; and (4) a project to reduce salt water intrusion into aquifers in the vicinity of Castroville, California, improve the water quality of Monterey Bay and enhance the long-term water supply in the area. Sets forth certain restrictions regarding procurement of assistance from non-private sources. Sets the non-Federal share of the cost of projects for which assistance is provided at not less than 25 percent, with exceptions. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes the Secretary to provide design and construction assistance to the Santa Clara Valley Water District and to the city of San Jose, California to demonstrate and field test for public use innovative processes which advance the technology of waste water reuse and treatment and which promote the use of treated waste water for critical water supply purposes and for the protection of fish and wildlife in the San Francisco Bay. Sets the Federal share for specified grants at 75 percent. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes the Secretary to provide assistance to non-Federal interests to carry out water-related environmental infrastructure and resource protection and development projects relating to wastewater treatment and for other purposes at the following locations: (1) Washington, D.C. and Maryland; (2) Atlanta, Georgia; (3) Hazard, Kentucky; (4) Rouge River, Michigan; (5) Jackson County, Mississippi; (6) Epping, Manchester, and Rochester, New Hampshire; (7) Paterson and Passaic County, New Jersey; (8) State of New Jersey (including New Jersey Wastewater Treatment Trust); (9) Erie County, New York; (10) Otsego and Chenango Counties, New York; (11) Greensboro and Glassworks, Pennsylvania; (12) Lynchburg and Richmond, Virginia; and (13) along the U.S.-Mexican border. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes the Secretary to provide design and construction assistance to: (1) appropriate non-Federal interests for a water transmission line from the northern part of Beaver Lake, Arkansas, into Benton and Washington Counties, Arkansas; (2) the Buffalo Sewer Authority, Buffalo, New York, for the development and implementation of best management practices to reduce pollution from the combined sewer system in the city; (3) the town of Amherst, New York, for a storm water control project; and (4) the city of Lewiston, New York, for construction of a storm water control project. Sets forth cost and cost-sharing provisions. Provides for the termination of the Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors. Authorizes the Secretary to develop and implement a program to share the cost of managing recreation facilities and natural resources at water resource development projects under the Secretary's jurisdiction. Requires the Secretary to debar persons convicted of intentionally affixing a label bearing a "Made in America" inscription to any product sold in or shipped to the United States which is not made in the United States and which is used in a civil works project of the Secretary from contracting with the Federal Government for a period of from three to five years. Title III: Miscellaneous Provisions - Extends the jurisdiction of the Mississippi River Commission. Directs the Secretary to: (1) develop a prevention monitoring program for zebra mussels throughout the New York City water supply system; (2) develop appropriate zebra mussel prevention and removal technologies for such system; and (3) provide technical assistance to the State and city of New York on alternative design and maintenance practices for such system in the event of zebra mussel infestation. Sets forth cost-sharing provisions. Authorizes appropriations. Amends the Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act of 1990 to direct the Secretary of the department in which the Coast Guard is operating to issue regulations to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic nuisance species in the Great Lakes through ballast water carried on vessels that, after operating on the waters beyond the exclusive economic zone, enter a U.S. port on the Hudson River north of the George Washington Bridge. Authorizes the Secretary to enter into a cooperative agreement with the Earth Conservancy to develop, and carry out along the Susquehanna River between Wilkes-Barre and Sunbury, Pennsylvania, a wetlands demonstration project for the purposes of: (1) enhancing municipal waste water treatment in the region; (2) restoring and maintaining the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of the Susquehanna River and its tributaries as well as nearby lands; and (3) developing cleanup technologies which can be utilized for various environmental restoration initiatives. Authorizes appropriations. Directs the Secretary to enter into a cooperative agreement with non-Federal interests to develop and carry out along the Juniata River and its tributaries, Pennsylvania, a watershed reclamation and protection and wetlands creation and restoration project. Sets the Federal share at 75 percent. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes: (1) the construction of boat ramps and docks at Clarks Hill Reservoir, Georgia, subject to specified requirements; and (2) the Secretary to construct trailhead facilities at specified projects in West Virginia. Authorizes the Secretary to design and construct projects to address water quality problems associated with: (1) storm water discharges from large storm events for the New Orleans, Louisiana, area; and (2) watershed areas of Onondaga County and Syracuse, New York; of the Penobscot River near Bangor, Maine, and the Casco Bay near Portland, Maine; and of Narragansett Bay near the Providence, Rhode Island Metropolitan area. Sets forth provisions regarding: (1) project design; and (2) cost-sharing. Authorizes appropriations. Directs the Secretary to conduct studies of Baltimore Harbor, Maryland, for the purpose of developing analytical procedures and criteria for contaminated dredged material in order to distinguish those materials which should be placed in containment sites from those which could be used in beneficial projects or placed in open waters without being chemically altered, and of determining the feasibility and necessity of decontaminating dredged materials and of dewatering and recycling such materials for use as marketable products. Sets forth reporting requirements. Authorizes appropriations. Directs the Secretary to review the report of the Chief of Engineers on the Ohio River and Tributaries and other pertinent reports to determine whether modifications of the report's recommendations are advisable at the present time. Authorizes appropriations. Requires the Secretary to conduct a study of the economic benefits of Federal and significant non-Federal shore protection activities in the Mid-Atlantic region from New York to Virginia. Sets forth reporting requirements. Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Secretary of Agriculture for the purpose of studying problems associated with flooding in Harrison County, Mississippi, under which the Secretaries will jointly conduct a reconnaissance study of such County and of specified bodies of water and associated watersheds; and (2) conduct a study on the need for navigation improvements in Reynolds Channel and the connecting State Boat Channel between Captree Island and Oak Beach. Sets forth reporting requirements. Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) review the reports of the Chief of Engineers and other pertinent documents pertaining to Orchard Beach, Bronx, New York, and to make appropriate recommendations concerning storm damage prevention, recreation, environmental restoration, and other purposes; and (2) conduct a study on the need for erosion protection along the East River, New York, in the vicinity of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, with a view toward mitigating the deleterious effects of drift removal on protecting the adjacent shoreline from erosion. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes the Secretary to conduct a reconnaisance and feasibility study: (1) of remediation of contaminated sediments in Lake Champlain and the Narrows of Lake Champlain, Vermont; (2) of providing additional boat access points on Lake Champlain, Vermont; and (2) on providing additional flood protection for Montpelier, Vermont. Sets forth funding provisions. Directs the Secretary, in studying the feasibility of Federal improvements to the St. John's River Channel, Florida, to examine the commercial and military uses of the channel in those areas traversed by both military and commercial vessels, and coordinate the Secretary's efforts with the Secretary of the Navy to utilize available studies and resources which project future military dredging needs in the St. John's River Channel. Requires the Chief of Engineers to review the report of the Chief of Engineers on central and southern Florida, and other pertinent reports, with a view to determining whether modifications to the existing project are advisable at the present time due to significantly changed physical, biological, demographic, or economic conditions. Directs the Secretary to: (1) conduct a study on whether or not to relieve the State of Illinois of the requirement to make annual payments for unused water supply storage in Rend Lake on the Big Muddy River, Illinois; and (2) report to the Congress. Requires such State, until six months after the date on which the Secretary transmits such report to the Congress, to make any payments under its contract with the United States for use of storage space for water supply in Rend Lake on such River. Amends the Water Resources Development Act of 1988 to authorize the Secretary to pay tuition expenses of suitable, English-taught primary and secondary education in Puerto Rico for the children of Federal employees who are employed (currently, temporarily residing and employed) in Puerto Rico for the construction of the Portuguese and Bucana Rivers, subject to specified requirements. Directs the Secretary to undertake such measures as necessary to compensate for damages caused to public and private property by the drawdown undertaken in March 1992 by the Corps at the Little Goose and Lower Granite projects in Washington. Specifies that the costs of such measures shall be considered project costs and shall be allocated in accordance with existing cost allocations for such projects. Authorizes appropriations. Requires the Secretary to establish a pilot program for providing environmental restoration infrastructure and resource protection development projects to non-Federal interests in south central Pennsylvania, subject to specified (including reporting) requirements. Authorizes the Secretary to make capital improvements to the Illinois and Michigan Canal. Directs the Secretary to enter into such arrangements as necessary to rehabilitate, renovate, preserve, and maintain the Illinois and Michigan Canal and its related facilities. Sets the Federal share of such improvements at 50 percent. Directs the Secretary to study the feasibility of establishing a transfer facility at the Leonard Ranch property adjacent to Port Sonoma-Marin, California, for the drying and rehandling of dredged material from San Francisco Bay for transport to an upland site for beneficial uses. Sets forth reporting requirements. Directs the Secretary to: (1) develop and implement a plan for modifying the channel bypass element of the Levisa Fork, Kentucky, project for water quality improvement in and restoration of Pikeville Lake, Kentucky (and authorizes appropriations); and (2) undertake a revision of the master plan for the Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania, project and submit to the Congress for approval any proposed changes that significantly change uses of the Lake, surrounding land resources, or any facilities located thereon. Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) study the feasibility of developing and preserving seasonal wetlands on the Santa Rosa plain, California, and provide technical assistance to the Sonoma County Vernal Pool Task Force in developing a plan for the development and preservation of such wetlands; and (2) participate in the study and construction of a water resources project in the vicinity of Phoenix, Arizona, for the purpose of providing flood control and improving water quality in the Tres Rios wetlands, Arizona, at a total cost of $6.5 million. Directs the Secretary to: (1) determine whether a design deficiency exists at the Klamath Glen levee, California (and, if so, correct the deficiency); and (2) cooperate with State and local officials in reviewing the water supply needs of the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District, Ohio. Redesignates a parcel of land to be conveyed by the Secretary to the Commandant of the Coast Guard, and the building located thereon, for use as a clubhouse for the local American Legion Post of Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. Authorizes the Secretary to provide assistance to the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission of the State of New Jersey for the development of the Phase I Environmental Improvement Program of the Special Area Management Plan for the Hackensack Meadowlands area, New Jersey. Sets forth cost-sharing provisions. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes the Secretary to initiate a program to exchange certain lands at Allatoona Lake, Georgia. Requires the Secretary to: (1) study a hydro-environmental monitoring and information system in the New York Bight and Harbor, subject to specified requirements; and (2) conduct a national study on information that is currently available on contaminated sediments, and compile information obtained in such study for the purpose of identifying the location and nature of contaminated sediments in the nation. Sets forth reporting requirements. Authorizes the Secretary to cooperate with non-Federal interests in the completion of a study on contaminated sediments in Milwaukee Harbor, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas. Authorizes appropriations. Directs: (1) the Secretary to complete planning, design, and construction of a project for navigation, Arthur Kill, New York and New Jersey after entering into appropriate agreements with non-Federal interests for completion of such planning and design; and (2) the President to transmit to specified congressional committees a report on expenditures from and deposits into the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund. Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) conduct investigations and surveys of the watersheds of the rivers in the Conemaugh River Basin, Pennsylvania; and (2) develop and implement restoration projects for abatement and mitigation of water quality degradation caused by abandoned mines and mining activity in such basin. Authorizes the Secretary to transfer to the State of Wisconsin the locks and appurtenant features of the navigation portion of the Fox River System, Wisconsin. Amends the Water Resources Development Act of 1986 to include costs of lands, easements, rights-of-way, and relocations among specified costs to be allocated to mitigate damages to fish and wildlife. Authorizes the Secretary to conduct a study on environmentally beneficial ways to expand or supplement existing placement options and sites serving channel dredging operations of the Port of Baltimore. Specifies that such study shall enhance an ongoing long-term management study for the Chesapeake Bay area being conducted by the State of Maryland and the Secretary. Sets forth reporting requirements. Authorizes appropriations. Declares portions of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, to be non-navigable waters of the United States, subject to specified limitations. Directs the Secretary to carry out an exchange rate demonstration project at the Eastern Channel of the Lockwoods Folly River, Brunswick County, North Carolina. Authorizes appropriations. Directs the Secretary to review the construction performed by non-Federal interests at the project for navigation, Port Everglades, Florida. Authorizes the Secretary to reimburse such interests, subject to specified requirements. Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) use available resources to support the logistical and minor construction needs of the local organizing committee of the 1993 World University Games in western New York; and (2) undertake a program to control nuisance aquatic vegetation for the purpose of preserving the recreational uses of the waters of Lake Gaston, Virginia and North Carolina (and authorizes appropriations). Directs the Secretary to establish a pilot program for providing water-related environmental assistance to non-Federal interests in southern West Virginia, subject to specified (including reporting) requirements. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to establish the Tennessee River Heritage Museum and Education Facility to encourage science and technology as it relates to developing, managing, and preserving rivers as a nationally significant resource. Directs TVA to cooperate with the Tennessee Valley Exhibit Commission of Alabama to establish an exhibit in Florence, Alabama, on research and development in the area of inland navigation, tributary development, and related activities. Authorizes TVA to accept contributions from private sources in carrying out such provision. Requires the Comptroller General to conduct a study to review the operation of the project for flood control, Red Rock Dam and Lake, Iowa, authorized by the Flood Control Act of June 28, 1938. Sets forth reporting requirements. Directs the Secretary, in carrying out modifications (under the Water Resources Development Act of 1986) in the structures and operations of the project for flood control, Sacramento River, California, for the purpose of improving the quality of the environment in the public interest, to: (1) credit the value of all lands, easements, and rights-of-way provided by non-Federal interests for such modifications to the non-Federal share of the cost of such modifications; (2) include the one-time construction of the operation and maintenance facilities as part of project costs for cost-sharing purposes; and (3) in addition to the plan contained in the Yolo Basin Wetlands Project Modification Report dated April 1992, plan, design, and construct as part of such modifications historical wetlands at an alternative site located contiguous to the Yolo Bypass. Requires the Secretary to complete a project modification report by September 30, 1993. Requires the Secretary to conduct a study on bank stabilization and marsh creation by construction of a system of retaining dikes and by beneficial use of dredged material along the Calcasieu River Ship Canal, Louisiana, at critical locations. Sets forth reporting requirements. Directs the Secretary, subject to the cost-sharing provisions of the Water Resources Development Act of 1986, to investigate and carry out saltmarsh restoration projects along the coastline of the State of Connecticut. Directs the Secretary to provide technical assistance to the towns of Winfield, Buffalo, and Eleanor, West Virginia, to assist residents in analyzing and understanding the remedial options available for dealing with substances posing a risk to the environment at the Corps lock and dam construction site in the vicinity of Winfield, West Virginia. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) convey to the city of Fort Smith, Arkansas, all right, title, and interest of the United States (with exceptions) in and to a tract of real property located adjacent to the city, subject to specified requirements; and (2) conduct a study on flooding problems along the Rahway River, New Jersey, and implement such measures as the Secretary determines feasible. Authorizes the Secretary to participate as an active Federal member in the Memorandum of Understanding for the Interagency Ecological Study Program for implementation of the monitoring requirements in the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary, California. Amends the Water Resource Development Act of 1988 to authorize the Secretary to design and implement a comprehensive flood warning and response system to serve communities and flood prone areas along the Juniata River and its tributaries in Pennsylvania (as under current law) at full Federal expense (currently, consistent with the cost sharing policies of the Water Resources Development Act of 1986). Deletes provisions of specified Acts authorizing and directing the Secretary to use funds for activities authorized by the Follow Through Act to develop, at full Federal expense, detailed plans and specifications and to construct measures in Tarrant County, Texas, to eliminate flood damage in the historical stockyards area along Tony's Creek and Marine Creek. Authorizes and directs the Tennessee Valley Authority to grant a release from the restriction and covenant which requires that certain property located in Decatur, Alabama, be used solely for the purpose of erecting docks and buildings for shipbuilding purposes or for the manufacture or storage of products for the purpose of trading or shipping in transportation. Authorizes the Secretary to construct, establish, equip, maintain, and operate (or assist in doing so) an interagency child care facility at Fort Point, Galveston, Texas, to provide child care services for children of Federal employees. Sets forth provisions regarding the establishment of fees for such services, transfers of funds from Federal agencies in connection with such facility, and the Secretary's authority to accept donations. Authorizes appropriations. Authorizes and directs the Secretary to offer technical assistance to the National Park Service (NPS) on infrastructure repairs and improvements at the Presidio of San Francisco, California, during the transition period from Army to NPS management and after its inclusion into the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Requires the Secretary to assist the NPS in identifying opportunities at the Presidio for demonstration and education programs of environmentally suitable and innovative technologies, and make available a liaison from its Construction Engineering Research Laboratory for such purpose. Directs the Secretary to develop a comprehensive five- and 20-year sediment management strategy for the Maumee River, Toledo Harbor, which may include a combination of several sediment disposal alternatives and shall emphasize innovative, environmentally benign alternatives, including reuse and recycling for wetland restoration. Authorizes the Secretary to conduct the engineering and construction activities necessary to implement the five-year sediment management strategy. Authorizes appropriations. Amends the Water Resources Development Act of 1990 to repeal an authorization of appropriations for the relocation of the Southeast Light on Block Island, Rhode Island. Sets forth cost-sharing provisions. Authorizes the Secretary to reconstruct the Allendale Dam in North Providence, Rhode Island, subject to specified cost, cost-sharing, and other requirements. Directs the Secretary to execute a water supply contract with the Ouachita River Water District for withdrawals from Lake DeGray, Arkansas, as provided in the agreement forwarded by the Vicksburg District Corps of Engineers dated March 1992. Authorizes the Secretary (subject to specified requirements) to: (1) remove a sunken barge from waters off the shore of the Narragansett Town Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island; (2) construct two elevated water storage towers at Quonset Point-Davisville, Rhode Island, and to relocate 6,000 linear feet of sewer lines to West Davisville, Rhode Island; and (3) undertake the repair and reconstruction of a flood wall system at Stillwater, Minnesota, including an extension of such system to prevent the continuous eroding of the riverfront. Amends the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to provide that: (1) prior to October 1, 1994 (currently, 1992) the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency or the State shall not require a permit for stormwater discharges; and (2) not later than October 1, 1993 (currently, 1992) the Administrator shall issue regulations which designate certain stormwater discharges to be regulated to protect water quality and establish a comprehensive program to regulate such designated sources. Title IV: Infrastructure Technology, Research and Development - Authorizes the Secretary to engage in activities to inform the U.S. maritime industry and port authorities of technological innovations abroad that could significantly improve waterborne transportation in the United States. Sets forth funding provisions. Authorizes the Secretary to conduct such studies as necessary to provide a report to the Congress on the dredging needs of the national ports and harbors of the United States. Authorizes appropriations. Deauthorizes the responsibility of the Federal Government to maintain and operate a 1,400-foot eathen dike constructed by local interests in lieu of a 1,400-foot steel sheetpile breakwater authorized as part of the Flushing Bay and Creek, New York, project by the River and Harbor Act of 1962. Authorizes and directs the Secretary to develop a data collection and monitoring program of coastal processes for the Atlantic Coast of New York, from Coney Island to Montauk Point, with a view toward providing information necessary to develop a program for addressing post-storm actions and long-term shoreline erosion control. Directs the Secretary to provide an initial plan for data collection and monitoring to specified congressional committees within 12 months. Authorizes appropriations. Directs the Administrator and the Secretary: (1) within a year, based upon a review of decontamination technologies identified pursuant to the Water Resources Development Act of 1990, to jointly select removal, pretreatment, post-treatment, and decontamination technologies for contaminated marine sediments for a decontamination project in the New York/New Jersey Harbor; and (2) upon selection of technologies, to jointly recommend a program of selected technologies to assess their effectiveness in rendering sediments acceptable for unrestricted ocean disposal or beneficial reuse, or both. Authorizes appropriations. Title V: Contaminated Sediment and Ocean Dumping - National Contaminated Sediment Assessment and Management Act - Establishes a National Contaminated Sediment Task Force. Sets forth provisions regarding the duties and compensation of the Task Force. Sets forth reporting requirements. Directs the Administrator to: (1) conduct a comprehensive national survey of data regarding aquatic sediment quality in the United States; and (2) compile all existing information on the quantity, chemical and physical composition, and geographic location of pollutants in aquatic sediment, including the probable source of such pollutants and identification of contaminated sediments. Sets forth reporting requirements. Requires the Administrator to conduct a comprehensive and continuing program to assess aquatic sediment quality. Sets forth reporting requirements. Amends the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act of 1972 to revise provisions regarding: (1) ocean dumping requirements (including the addition of a requirement that the Secretary, prior to issuing a permit, obtain the concurrence by the Administrator and the establishment of related procedures); (2) restrictions on States' rights to adopt or enforce requirements respecting ocean dumping (eases such restrictions under specified circumstances); (3) the designation of sites for dumping; (4) permit conditions; and (5) ocean dumping penalties. Extends the authorization of appropriations under such Act through 1997. Authorizes appropriations to the Administrator for the Task Force and for sediment survey and monitoring. Requires the annual ocean dumping reports required to be submitted to the Congress under such Act to include: (1) a description of the number of permits issued (including the number of permits issued by the Secretary with the concurrence of the Administrator); (2) any actions taken involving waiver of requirements under the dumping permit program for dredged material; and (3) for each permit, the site receiving the material, the volume and characteristics of material dumped (including the extent and nature of pollutants in such material), and the management practices implemented in connection with each disposal activity.