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S. 2606 (102nd): A bill to further clarify authorities and duties of the Secretary of Agriculture in issuing ski area permits on National Forest System lands.

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10/7/1993--Passed Senate amended, 2nd occurrence. Directs the Secretary of Agriculture to charge a fee for all ski area permits on or partially on National Forest System lands issued pursuant to the National Forest Ski Area Permit Act of 1966 and other specified Federal Acts. Sets forth a fee formula based upon a sliding percentage of year-round gross revenues. Provides for annual adjustment of percentages for inflation. Directs the Secretary, within five years after enactment of this Act and every ten years thereafter, to report to the Congress whether the fee system is returning a fair market value rental to the United States. Makes such permit fees effective as of June 1, 1993, with receipts retroactively covered to June 1, 1992. Provides that for the first two years after enactment of this Act permittees shall pay the higher of the fee calculated under this Act or the fee paid under existing regulations for 1991-1992. Establishes a two-dollar per acre rental fee for permittees with revenues not qualifying for fee payments under this Act. Removes all lands within the boundaries of ski area permits and in use for such purpose from all forms of mining, mineral, and geothermal leasing laws.