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H.Con.Res. 196 (103rd): Expressing the sense of Congress that U.S. assistance to Algeria should be terminated unless its military backed government proceeds towards democratization.

The text of the bill below is as of Nov 23, 1993 (Introduced).



1st Session

H. CON. RES. 196

Expressing the sense of Congress that United States assistance to Algeria should be terminated unless its military backed government proceeds toward democratization.


November 23, 1993

Mr. WASHINGTON submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred jointly to the Committees on Foreign Affairs and Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs


Expressing the sense of Congress that United States assistance to Algeria should be terminated unless its military backed government proceeds toward democratization.

Whereas, on December 26, 1991, Algeria successfully completed the first round of democratically-held multi party national elections in that country;

Whereas the first round of elections expressed the will of the people of Algeria who wanted an end to the 30 years of one party rule;

Whereas on January 11, 1992, the Algerian military sized power, cancelled the second round of elections due to take place on January 16, 1992, and imposed unelected individuals by installing the five-man Higher State Council (Haut Conseil d’Etat) as the national governing body;

Whereas the military actions of January 11th totally undermined the national democratic election process, and superseded virtually all constitutional rights by dissolving parliament, and declaring a state of emergency for a year which has now been renewed indefinitely;

Whereas international human rights organizations amply documented the alarming rise of executions and summary death sentences which exceed 300, and thousands of heavy prison sentences, meted out by recently constituted special courts in violation of the most fundamental requirements of international law, and based on confessions extracted under torture and the denial of the right to a proper defense or an appeal;

Whereas the now ruling Higher State Council has led the country into a deteriorating path of repression, denial or civil rights and violence, engaged in a brutal and systematic process of arbitrary arrests, torture and the unrestricted detention of thousands of opposition members; and

Whereas the United States Congress is deeply concerned about the continuing deterioration of the economic and social conditions within Algeria: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That--

      (1) in order to promote the restoration of the democratic process in Algeria, the President shall actively encourage unconditional negotiations between the Higher State Council and all political parties committee to multi-party democracy, including those who won parliamentary seats in the first round of elections; and

      (2) United States assistance to the military backed government of Algeria should be suspended, and the United States should oppose all loans to Algeria from international lending institutions, unless and until the President certifies that the Higher State Council is making significant progress toward the restoration of a democratic process in Algeria by--

        (A) immediately lifting of the state of emergency;

        (B) legalizing all political parties committed to democratic elections;

        (C) good faith negotiations with all political parties especially those parties who won seats in parliament and who expressed their commitment to multi-party democracy;

        (D) dissolving the ‘special courts’, and referring those accused of violent crimes to civilian courts;

        (E) releasing all political prisoners, particularly those who are imprisoned because of their political beliefs;

        (F) appointing a caretaker government agreed upon by all the political parties, especially those who won seats in the first round of national elections, to ensure national reconciliation and supervise the transition to democracy;

        (G) returning freedom of the press, by halting the detention and threats against journalists and permitting the publication of newspapers which operated prior to 1992; and

        (H) resuming the electoral process by rescheduling the second phase of the parliamentary election within a one year period.