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H.R. 3530 (103rd): Environmental Technology Demonstration Act of 1993

The text of the bill below is as of Nov 18, 1993 (Introduced).

HR 3530 IH


1st Session

H. R. 3530

To provide for the use of Federal facilities to demonstrate environmental technologies.


NOVEMBER 18, 1993

Mr. SWETT introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology


To provide for the use of Federal facilities to demonstrate environmental technologies.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ‘Environmental Technology Demonstration Act of 1993’.


    The Congress finds the following:

      (1) The development and deployment of environmental technologies can enhance the economic competitiveness and the environmental security of the United States.

      (2) The Federal Government has facilities which can assist and catalyze efforts of industry in developing and deploying new environmental technologies.


    (a) ESTABLISHMENT- The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency shall establish a program to demonstrate the performance of environmental technologies at Federal laboratories and other Federal facilities.

    (b) QUALIFYING TECHNOLOGY DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS- Technologies that qualify for demonstration under such program include--

      (1) environmental technologies that can be applied to a major pollution control or remediation need, as determined by the Administrator, at a Federal laboratory or other Federal facility;

      (2) environmental technologies the development of which would be significantly advanced by unique facilities or capabilities of a Federal laboratory or other Federal facility; and

      (3) other environmental technologies that the Administration considers to have significant potential as an environmental technology that will contribute to sustainable economic growth.

    (c) ADMINISTRATION- As part of the program established under this section, the Administrator--

      (1) may enter into cooperative agreements with other Federal departments and agencies for the purpose of demonstrating the performance of environmental technologies;

      (2) may enter into contracts and cooperative agreements for such purpose with organizations selected under paragraph (7);

      (3) except as provided in paragraph (4), may not provide Federal resources under a cooperative agreement referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2) in an amount that exceeds one-half of the total cost of carrying out services and activities under the agreement;

      (4) may make special provisions for small businesses, including the provision of Federal resources under a cooperative agreement entered into with a small business under paragraph (1) or (2) in an amount that exceeds one-half of the total cost of carrying out services and activities under the agreement;

      (5) shall establish procedures to solicit and accept applications for environmental technologies for demonstration under this program;

      (6) shall, in consultation and cooperation with other Federal agencies, make available information about the facilities and expertise available at Federal laboratories that would be valuable to the demonstration of environmental technologies and about sites at Federal laboratories or other Federal facilities potentially available for testing environmental technologies, characterized by specific site characteristics, including site geology and site contaminants where appropriate;

      (7) shall establish procedures for the merit-based review of all applications for demonstration projects under this program through a process that includes representatives of industry and United States nonprofit organizations and select organizations to carry out such projects based upon such procedures;

      (8) shall document the performance and cost of characteristics of the environmental technology demonstrated; and

      (9) shall list and disseminate nonproprietary information regarding the performance and cost characteristics of the environmental technologies demonstrated pursuant to this Act.

    (d) QUALIFYING ORGANIZATIONS- Entities eligible to carry out a demonstration project as part of the program established under subsection (a) are United States companies (including small businesses), United States nonprofit organizations, United States institutions of higher education, and other organizations that the Administrator considers appropriate.

    (e) PROGRAM EVALUATION AND REPORTING- The Administrator shall, in cooperation with other Federal agencies and in consultation with the United States companies and United States nonprofit organizations, annually submit to the Congress a report that evaluates the performance of the program, including a statement of--

      (1) the number of environmental technologies tested and the type of problems addressed;

      (2) the number of environmental technologies demonstrated in the program that have since become commercially viable and their estimated impact; and

      (3) the Federal and non-Federal financial resources committed to the program.


    For the purposes of this Act:

      (1) The term ‘Administrator’ means the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

      (2) The term ‘environmental technology’ means--

        (A) a technology that is primarily intended to improve the quality of the environment through pollution reduction or remediation;

        (B) a product, manufacturing process, or service that is capable of cost-effectively replacing the functions of an existing product, process, or service, and as compared with the product, process, or service it replaces, significantly reducing overall pollution or significantly improving the efficiency of energy or materials use; or

        (C) a technology within the meaning of subparagraphs (A) and (B).

      (3) The term ‘Federal laboratory’ means a Government-owned, Government-operated laboratory, or a Government-owned, contractor-operated laboratory.