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H.R. 51 (103rd): New Columbia Admission Act

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11/17/1993--Reported to House amended. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Title I: State of New Columbia Subtitle A: Procedures for Admission Subtitle B: Description of New Columbia Territory Subtitle C: General Provisions Relating to Laws of New Columbia Title II: Responsibilities and Interests of Federal Government Title III: General Provisions New Columbia Admission Act - Title I: State of New Columbia - Subtitle A: Procedures for Admission - Sets forth procedures for admission into the United States of the State of New Columbia. Requires the Mayor of the District of Columbia to: (1) submit to the eligible voters propositions for statehood and adoption of a State Constitution; and (2) issue a proclamation for the first elections to the Congress of two Senators and one Representative of New Columbia. Requires the President, upon adoption of such propositions and certification of such elections, to issue a proclamation announcing the results and admitting New Columbia into the Union. Provides for conversion of District government offices to State offices. Subtitle B: Description of New Columbia Territory - Provides that New Columbia shall consist of all territory of the District as of the date of enactment of this Act, excluding land within specified metes and bounds that shall remain the District of Columbia and that shall include the principal Federal monuments, the White House, the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court Building, the Federal executive, legislative, and judicial office buildings located adjacent to the Mall and the Capitol Building, and certain military property. Subtitle C: General Provisions Relating to Laws of New Columbia - Prohibits New Columbia from imposing taxes on Federal property except as provided by the Congress. Maintains the applicability to New Columbia of current District laws and continues pending judicial proceedings. Title II: Responsibilities and Interest of Federal Government - Maintains: (1) the District of Columbia as the seat of the Federal Government; and (2) the Federal Government's authority over military lands and specified other property. Provides for Federal payments in lieu of taxes to New Columbia. Directs the Secretary of the Interior to take a scenic easement in the space above all lots within New Columbia. Requires each State that is the last place an individual resided before residing in the District of Columbia to permit such individual to vote in Federal elections by absentee ballot. Sets forth a rule for expedited consideration of a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution to repeal the 23rd amendment (provides for the appointment of electors for President and Vice President for the District). Title III: General Provisions - Establishes a Statehood Transition Commission to advise the President, the Congress, the District, and, after admission, New Columbia on procedures for an orderly transition to statehood during the first two years of New Columbia's existence. Directs the Commission to make recommendations regarding: (1) continued applicability of current Federal laws to the District; (2) the amount of the annual payment in lieu of taxes to New Columbia; and (3) the incarceration of individuals convicted of crimes in New Columbia and a plan for closing the Lorton Correctional Complex, Virginia, by 2010.