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H.R. 5278 (103rd): Jobs and Investment Act of 1994

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10/7/1994--Introduced. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Title I: Physical Capital Investment Subtitle A: Highways and Mass Transit Subtitle B: Airports Subtitle C: Railroads Subtitle D: Water and Sewage Treatment Facilities Subtitle E: Environmental Restoration Subtitle F: Community Development Assistance Subtitle G: Education Infrastructure Subtitle H: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Title II: Human Capital Investment Subtitle A: Job Training Subtitle B: Education Subtitle C: Head Start Subtitle D: Programs Under Public Health Service Act Title III: Amendments of Internal Revenue Code of 1986 Subtitle A: Reduction in Employee Payroll Taxes; Credit for First-Time Homebuyers Subtitle B: Revenue Increases Title IV: Appropriations Title I: Physical Capital Investment - Subtitle A: Highways and Mass Transit - Amends the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 to authorize additional appropriations from the Highway Trust Fund (other than the Mass Transit Account) for interstate maintenance, surface transportation, and bridges. (Sec. 1002) Amends the Federal Transit Act to authorize additional appropriations and make available additional funding from the Mass Transit Account for certain formula grants and discretionary grants transit programs. Subtitle B: Airports - Amends the Airport and Airway Improvement Act of 1982 to make available additional amounts for airport improvement program grants (including grants for airport noise compatibility planning). Subtitle C: Railroads - Amends the Department of Transportation Act to increase and extend the authorization of appropriations for local rail freight assistance. Subtitle D: Water and Sewage Treatment Facilities - Amends the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to extend the authorization of appropriations for State water pollution control revolving funds. Subtitle E: Environmental Restoration - Provides funds for environmental restoration at facilities of the Departments of Defense and of Energy. Sets forth various authorizations of appropriations and makes appropriations for such purposes. Subtitle F: Community Development Assistance - Chapter 1: Community Development Block Grants - Authorizes additional appropriations for community development block grants under the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. Chapter 2: Community Banking and Economic Empowerment Act - Community Banking and Economic Empowerment Act - Directs the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide capital, operating, and technical assistance to community development lenders and certain eligible entities in order to: (1) make credit-related services available to low-income persons inadequately served by traditional lending institutions; and (2) promote development and revitalization of low-income neighborhoods. Delineates the purposes for which the Secretary of HUD may provide assistance to community development lenders and to the eligible entities establishing those lenders. Prescribes guidelines for assisted community development lenders, including assistance agreements and auditing procedures. (Sec. 1520) Amends the Community Reinvestment Act to preclude a regulated financial institution from receiving either an "outstanding" or a "satisfactory" rating for meeting community credit needs solely on the basis of its loans or investments in community development lenders. (Sec. 1521) Requires annual reports to the Congress. (Sec. 1524) Authorizes appropriations for: (1) capital and operating assistance for community development lenders; and (2) technical assistance for organizing and operating community development lenders. Subtitle G: Education Infrastructure - Education Infrastructure Act of 1994 - Directs the Secretary of Education to award grants to eligible local educational agencies to meet the National Education Goals through repair, renovation, alteration, and construction of public elementary or secondary school libraries, media centers, or facilities, used for academic or vocational instruction, including certain authorized activities. Authorizes appropriations. (Sec. 1606) Sets forth requirements for: (1) priorities in selection of applications; (2) maintenance of effort, supplementation of non-Federal funds, and general limitations; (3) minority small business participation as project contractors or subcontractors, and payment of wages in accordance with the Davis-Bacon Act; and (4) Federal evaluation. (Sec. 1610) Authorizes the comprehensive regional centers to provide technical assistance to such projects. Subtitle H: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - Authorizes additional appropriations to the Secretary of Energy for renewable energy research, development, and demonstration programs described in specified provisions of the Renewable Energy and Efficiency Technology Competitiveness Act of 1989. (Sec. 1702) Amends the National Energy Conservation Policy Act to increase and extend the authorization of appropriations for the Federal Energy Efficiency Fund and the new technology demonstration program. Title II: Human Capital Investment - Subtitle A: Job Training - Amends the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) to establish an allied health professional job training program. Directs the Secretary of Labor to make grants to institutions of higher education to establish job training assistance programs for at-risk youths and long-term welfare recipients to become allied health professionals. Authorizes appropriations. Increases the authorization of appropriations for the following youth job training programs: (1) Youth Fair Chance under JTPA; and (2) Youthbuild under the Homeownership and Opportunity Through HOPE Act. Subtitle B: Education - Extends and increases the authorizations of appropriations for certain programs for educational personnel under the Adult Education Act and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. Subtitle C: Head Start - Amends the Head Start Act to extend and increase the authorization of appropriations for Head Start programs. Subtitle D: Programs Under Public Health Service Act - Chapter 1: Funding Initiative for Programs Providing Health Services - Authorizes additional appropriations for the following programs under the Public Health Service Act: (1) community health centers; (2) migrant health centers; (3) health care for the homeless; (4) preventive services regarding tuberculosis, breast and cervical cancer, lead exposure, HIV disease, and prostate cancer; (5) immunization; (6) cancer registries; (7) comprehensive school health education; (8) prevention and control of sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, and injuries; (9) child day care health and safety; (10) asthma; (11) environmental health, including response to urgent environmental threats to public health and environmental services regarding the health of individuals in the United States in the vicinity of the Mexican border; (12) block grants for community mental health services, prevention and treatment of substance abuse, and preventive health services; and (13) scholarship and loan repayment programs of the National Health Service Corps. Authorizes additional appropriations for the maternal and child health block grant program under the Social Security Act. Chapter 2: Community Health Advisor Program - National Community Health Advisor Act - Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services, for each State or State-designated entity that submits an appropriate application, to award formula grants for the development and operation of community health advisor (CHA) programs. Requires such States to: (1) operate a clearinghouse to maintain and disseminate information on CHA programs; (2) provide technical assistance for training CHAs; and (3) coordinate all CHA activities carried out by the State under the award. Limits administrative costs to 15 percent of the total award. (Sec. 2314) Provides CHA program objectives and goals. Requires funding agreements for such awards to give priority to developing and operating CHA programs for medically underserved communities (poor rural and inner city areas). (Sec. 2315) Requires a State to provide matching funds of 25 percent of award amounts toward such programs. Requires a CHA program in a State to be carried out in at least one urban area and one rural area. Requires ongoing supervision of CHAs involved in the program. Allows for expenditures under the award for training and continuing education programs. Requires reports from State applicants to the Secretary assessing the effectiveness of CHA programs. (Sec. 2317) Provides for the determination of the amount allotted to each chosen applicant, taking into account the population and poverty level of the area involved. (Sec. 2318) Directs the Secretary to establish guidelines for quality assurance and cost-effectiveness of the CHA programs. (Sec. 2319) Requires evaluations of each such program. (Sec. 2320) Prohibits this chapter from being construed to require the Secretary to modify or terminate the Community Health Representative Program of the Indian Health Service. (Sec. 2322) Authorizes appropriations for the CHA program. Title III: Amendments of Internal Revenue Code of 1986 - Subtitle A: Reduction in Employee Payroll Taxes; Credit for First-Time Homebuyers - Amends the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) to provide a refundable credit for a portion of social security taxes for taxable years 1995 and 1996, equal to 20 percent of the taxpayer's social security taxes for that year, up to a maximum credit of $200, or $400 for a joint return. (Sec. 3002) Allows a nonrefundable personal credit for purchase of a principal residence by a first-time homebuyer. Sets such maximum overall credit at no more than $6,000. Subtitle B: Revenue Increases - Amends the IRC to establish a stock transfer excise tax. (Sec. 3102) Repeals a preferential rate of tax on capital gains. (Sec. 3103) Provides for a carryover basis for certain property acquired from a decedent. Provides for nonrecognition of gain where certain appreciated carryover basis property is used in satisfaction of a pecuniary bequest. Sets forth a procedure for binding determination of initial basis of carryover basis property. Sets forth requirements for information regarding carryover basis property acquired from a decedent. Sets penalties for negligent or fraudulent overstatement of initial basis and for failure to furnish such required information. Makes a $125,000 exclusion available to the spouse of a decedent in certain cases. (Sec. 3104) Allows unused capital loss carryovers to be transferred to an estate. Provides capital gain treatment for inherited art or similar property. Title IV: Appropriations - Appropriates amounts authorized under this Act. (Sec. 4002) Designates the entire amount appropriated under this Act as an emergency requirement under the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.