H.Res. 147 (103rd): Providing for the consideration of the bill (H.R. 1430) to provide for a temporary increase in the ...

...public debt limit.

103rd Congress, 1993–1994. Text as of Apr 01, 1993 (Passed the House (Engrossed)).

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H. Res. 147

In the House of Representatives, U. S.

April 1, 1993.

    Resolved, That upon the adoption of this resolution it shall be in order to consider in the House the bill (H.R. 1430) to provide for a temporary increase in the public debt limit. All points of order against the bill and against its consideration are waived. Debate on the bill shall not exceed one hour equally divided and controlled by the chairman and ranking minority member of the Committee on Ways and Means. The previous question shall be considered as ordered on the bill to final passage without intervening motion except one motion to recommit.

    SEC. 2. Upon its passage by the House, H.R. 1430 shall be considered to constitute reconciliation legislation pursuant to section 7(a) of the conference report to accompany the concurrent resolution (H. Con. Res. 64) setting forth the congressional budget for the United States Government for the fiscal years 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998.