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S. 1351 (103rd): Immigration Stabilization Act of 1993

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress.

8/4/1993--Introduced. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Title I: Admission of Immigrants Title II: Admission of Refugees Title III: Asylum Reform Title IV: Criminal Aliens Title V: Financial Responsibility Title VI: Employer Sanctions Title VII: Border Security Title VIII: Alien Smuggling Title IX: Local Cooperation Title X: Citizenship Immigration Stabilization Act of 1993 - Title I: Admission of Immigrants - Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act (Act) with respect to: (1) immigration levels; (2) visa allotment; and (3) petition approval. Title II: Admission of Refugees - Limits nonemergency refugee admissions in any fiscal year to 50,000. Title III: Asylum Reform - Amends provisions with respect to: (1) alien inspection and exclusion by immigration officers; (2) asylum; and (3) judicial review. Title IV: Criminal Aliens - Expands the definition of "aggravated felony." (Sec. 402) Provides for the expedited deportation of certain nonpermanent resident aliens convicted of an aggravated felony. (Sec. 403) Authorizes judicial deportation for an alien convicted of a felony. (Sec. 404) Increases penalties for reentry or failure to depart. (Sec. 406) Authorizes the deportation of an alien prisoner prior to sentence completion under specified circumstances. (Sec. 407) Amends Federal criminal law to require the issuance of a judicial order of deportation in the case of an alien being sentenced for an aggravated felony. (Sec. 408) Authorizes Federal incarceration and deportation of certain State-convicted aliens. (Sec. 409) Amends Federal criminal law to increase penalties for specified visa and passport related crimes. (Sec. 410) Requires State or local law enforcement agencies to notify the district Immigration and Naturalization Service office upon the felony arrest of an alien. Title V: Financial Responsibility - Authorizes the admission of an alien otherwise excludable as a public charge (as defined by this Act) if such alien has a sponsor guarantee of financial responsibility. (Sec. 503) Limits benefits, including unemployment benefits, for illegal aliens. Title VI: Employer Sanctions - Revises employer sanction provisions, including: (1) work eligibility documents; and (2) social security telephone verification. Title VII: Border Security - Increases Border Patrol personnel levels. Establishes: (1) a border crossing fee; and (2) a Border Control Trust Fund. (Sec. 704) Amends the Act to establish increased penalties or a required pilot program for international carriers that bring in more than specified numbers of undocumented aliens. Title VIII: Alien Smuggling - Directs the Secretary of State to enter into cooperative foreign arrangements to prevent the unlawful entry of aliens into the United States. (Sec. 802) Directs the Secretary of Defense to instruct the Coast Guard with respect to preventing the illegal entry of aliens into the United States by sea. (Sec. 803) Amends Federal criminal law to bring specified alien related activities under the purview of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) provisions. (Sec. 804) Increases alien smuggling penalties. (Sec. 805) Expands forfeiture provisions for smuggling or harboring aliens. (Sec. 806) Amends Federal criminal law to authorize wiretaps for alien smuggling investigations. Title IX: Local Cooperation - Prohibits specified Federal program assistance to States or local entities that do not use the SAVE system to verify an alien applicant's immigration status. Title X: Citizenship - Makes it unlawful (and establishes penalties) for a noncitizen to vote in a Federal or State election.