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S. 778 (103rd): Watermelon Research and Promotion Improvement Act of 1993

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11/20/1993--Passed Senate amended. Watermelon Research and Promotion Improvement Act of 1993 - Amends the Watermelon Research and Promotion Act to require plan approval by a majority of the producers, handlers, and eligible importers voting in a referendum. (Sec. 3) Extends the provisions of such Act to each of the States and the District of Columbia. (Sec. 4) Sets forth purchase or volume conditions under which a producer shall be considered a handler for purposes of National Watermelon Promotion Board (Board) membership. (Sec. 5) Amends provisions regarding: (1) assessment collections; and (2) rulemaking requirements and assessment rate changes. (Sec. 7) Authorizes the revocation of the watermelon assessment refund. Stipulates that persons who import less than 150,000 pounds of watermelons per year may apply for a refund based upon the domestic assessment rate. (Sec. 8) Includes imported watermelons in the definition of "watermelon." Subjects watermelon importers to the terms of such Act. Provides for importer membership on the Board. (Sec. 9) Redefines "producer" to mean any person growing ten or more (currently five or more) acres of watermelons. Authorizes the Board to establish producer certification rules. (Sec. 10) Revises plan amendment provisions to require: (1) publication of proposed amendments and a referendum; and (2) separate line item voting and approval of specified amendments.