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H.Res. 369 (104th): To provide to the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight special authorities to obtain testimony for purposes of investigation and study of the White House Travel Office matter.

The text of the bill below is as of Mar 7, 1996 (Passed the House).


H. Res. 369

In the House of Representatives, U.S.,

March 7, 1996.

    Resolved, That--

    (a) The Chairman of the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, for purposes of the committee’s investigation and study of the White House Travel Office matter, may, upon consultation with the ranking minority member of the committee, authorize the taking of affidavits, and of depositions pursuant to notice or subpoena, by a member or staff of the committee designated by the chairman, or require the furnishing of information by interrogatory, under oath administered by a person otherwise authorized by law to administer oaths.

    (b) Deposition and affidavit testimony, and information received by interrogatory, shall be deemed to have been taken in executive session of the committee in Washington, District of Columbia. All deposition and affidavit testimony and information received by interrogatory shall be considered nonpublic until received by the committee, except that all such testimony and information shall, unless otherwise directed by the committee, be available for use by members of the committee in open session of the committee.