Text of Relating to the reestablishment of representative government in Afghanistan.

This resolution was introduced in a previous session of Congress and was passed by the House on October 24, 2000 but was never passed by the Senate. The text of the bill below is as of Oct 24, 2000 (Passed the House (Engrossed)).

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Source: GPO



2d Session

H. CON. RES. 414


Whereas Afghanistan has existed as a sovereign nation since 1747, maintaining its independence, neutrality, and dignity;

Whereas Afghanistan had maintained its own decisionmaking through a traditional process called a ‘Loya Jirgah’, or Grand Assembly, by selecting, respecting, and following the decisions of their leaders;

Whereas recently warlords, factional leaders, and foreign regimes have laid siege to Afghanistan, leaving the landscape littered with landmines, making the most fundamental activities dangerous;

Whereas in recent years, and especially since the Taliban came to power in 1996, Afghanistan has become a haven for terrorist activity, has produced most of the world’s opium supply, and has become infamous for its human rights abuses, particularly abuses against women and children;

Whereas the former King of Afghanistan, Mohammed Zahir Shah, ruled the country peacefully for 40 years, and after years in exile retains his popularity and support; and

Whereas former King Mohammed Zahir Shah plans to convene an emergency ‘Loya Jirgah’ to reestablish a stable government, with no desire to regain power or reestablish a monarchy, and the Department of State supports such ongoing efforts: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the United States--

      (1) supports democratic efforts that respect the human and political rights of all ethnic and religious groups in Afghanistan, including the effort to establish a ‘Loya Jirgah’ process that would lead to the people of Afghanistan determining their own destiny through a democratic process and free and fair elections; and

      (2) supports the continuing efforts of former King Mohammed Zahir Shah and other responsible parties searching for peace to convene a Loya Jirgah--

        (A) to reestablish a representative government in Afghanistan that respects the rights of all ethnic groups, including the right to govern their own affairs through inclusive institution building and a democratic process;

        (B) to bring freedom, peace, and stability to Afghanistan; and

        (C) to end terrorist activities, illicit drug production, and human rights abuses in Afghanistan.

Passed the House of Representatives October 24, 2000.




2d Session

H. CON. RES. 414


Relating to the reestablishment of representative government in Afghanistan.