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H.R. 1886 (106th): MSPA Clarification Act of 1999

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5/20/1999--Introduced. MSPA Clarification Act of 1999 - Amends the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act to enlarge the scope of the family business exemption.(Sec. 3) Excludes from the definition of "farm labor contracting activity" a migrant or seasonal agricultural worker in a carpool arrangement.(Sec. 4) Prohibits an investigatory entry into a place of agricultural employment without prior and subsequent conferences with the person being investigated.(Sec. 5) States that an agricultural employer, association, or farm labor contractor that corrects a violation for which there is no prior adjudication of guilt shall not be subject to a civil money penalty or a private right of action.(Sec. 6) Exempts: (1) Federal or State approved farm worker housing from regulation under such Act; and (2) owners or operators of migrant agricultural housing from liability for housing conditions caused by or the responsibility of such workers.(Sec. 7) Sets forth joint employment criteria.(Sec. 8) Exempts an agricultural employer or association from confirming the registration of a farm labor contractor who supplies only worker transportation services unless the employer or association had actual knowledge that the transportation was not a worker carpooling arrangement.(Sec. 9) Excludes from the definitions of "migrant agricultural worker" and "seasonal agricultural worker" an individual employed on a year-round basis by a specific employer or association.(Sec. 10) Subjects motor vehicle safety insurance provisions to State, rather than specified Federal, requirements.(Sec. 11) Establishes a two-year statute of limitations for violations under such Act.