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H.R. 371 (106th): Hmong Veterans’ Naturalization Act of 2000

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5/18/2000--Passed Senate amended. Hmong Veterans' Naturalization Act of 2000 - Waives the English language requirement and provides special consideration for the civics requirement with respect to the naturalization of an alien who: (1) was admitted into the United States as a refugee from Laos, and who served with a Laotian-based special guerilla or irregular unit in support of U.S. forces at any time from February 28, 1961, through September 18, 1978; or (2) was similarly admitted as a refugee and was the spouse of such an alien at the time of (such alien's) application for refugee admission.(Sec. 4) Requires documentation of qualifying service in the form of: (1) original documents; (2) an affidavit by the person's superior officer; (3) two affidavits by individuals who served with such units and personally knew of the person's service; or (4) other appropriate proof.(Sec. 5) States that the Attorney General, in determining eligibility for exemption or special consideration: (1) shall review documentation, and may request a military service advisory opinion from the Secretary of Defense; and (2) may consider documentation prepared by organizations maintaining records of Hmong veterans or their families.(Sec. 6) Requires applications for naturalization benefits under this Act to be filed with appropriate fees no later than 18 months after enactment of such Act.(Sec. 7) Limits to 45,000 the total number of aliens who may be granted such naturalization benefits.