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H.R. 1111 (108th): Uniformed Services Divorce Equity Act of 2003

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3/6/2003--Introduced. Uniformed Services Divorce Equity Act of 2003 - Requires a court, in the case of the disposition of monthly retired pay upon a divorce, to award the former spouse 50 percent of such pay of a member of the uniformed services if the former spouse was married to the member throughout the member's creditable service. Reduces such amount proportionately for the reduced period of the marriage in relation to the total service period.Requires that, if the marriage period is: (1) less than 240 months, such payments shall continue for a period equal to the marriage period; and (2) 240 months or more, such payments shall continue at least until the death of the member or former spouse.Provides that for purposes of such monthly payments, the disposable retired pay of a member to whom a final divorce, disillusionment, annulment, or legal separation decree is issued before the member begins to receive such pay shall be computed based on the pay grade and length of service of the member while married. Increases such amount concurrently with retired pay increases. Prohibits a court from ordering such payments before a member's retirement based upon an imputation of a property interest in future retired pay. Requires a former spouse to obtain a court order for reapportionment of disposable military retired pay within two years of the date of the final decree.Prohibits the court from treating as part of a member's disposable retired pay amounts which: (1) have been waived from such pay in order to receive veterans' disability compensation; or (2) represent payment for service-connected disabilities.