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H.R. 1491 (109th): Nanomanufacturing Investment Act of 2005

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress, and was published on Apr 6, 2005.

Nanomanufacturing Investment Act of 2005 - Directs the Secretary of Commerce to establish: (1) the Nanomanufacturing Investment Partnership, in partnership with private sector investors, if $250 million is made available for such purposes from the private sector within two years after this Act's enactment; and (2) an advisory board.

Directs that: (1) the Partnership provide funding for precommercial nanomanufacturing research and development (but not for basic research) projects, through specified funding mechanisms in a manner that advances the commercialization of nanomanufacturing technologies to address critical scientific and engineering needs of national importance, especially regarding projects that would not be adequately funded or pursued by the private sector or pursuant to other law, and to increase the commercial application of federally supported research results; and (2) to the extent that a sufficient number of viable applications have been submitted, at least 85 percent of the funding provided by the Partnership be provided to startup companies.

Authorizes the Partnership to provide funding through direct investment in nanomanufacturing firms, contracts, loans or loan guarantees, unsecured subordinated debt, or any other mechanism designed to advance nanomanufacuring technologies. Requires that each transaction through which the Partnership provides such funding provide for the return of fair and reasonable amounts resulting from the commercialization of technologies developed with the funding provided by the Partnership, and be distributed as specified. Directs that: (1) each applicant for funding assistance be required to provide a portion of the cost; and (2) each application be peer reviewed.