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H.R. 2718 (109th): Idaho Land Enhancement Act

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5/26/2005--Introduced. Idaho Land Enhancement Act - Directs the Secretaries of Agriculture and the Interior, if the State of Idaho offers to convey specified State land to the United States, to accept the offer, and on receipt of title to such land, simultaneously convey to the State specified Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and National Forest System land (the Federal land).

Requires the value of the exchanged Federal and State lands to be: (1) equal; or (2) made equal by cash payment to the United States or the State.

Sets forth requirements for the disposition and use of proceeds from cash equalization payments received by the United States.

Requires the conveyance of certain easements or other rights-of-way.

Directs the city of Boise, Idaho, to pay the administrative costs associated with such land exchange.

Transfers administrative jurisdiction over specified BLM land in Shoshone County, Idaho, from the Secretary of the Interior to the Secretary of Agriculture.

Considers the boundaries of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest and Clearwater National Forest, as modified by the exchange authorized by this Act, to be the boundaries of such Forests as of January 1, 1965.

Revokes any public land orders withdrawing any of the Federal land from appropriation or disposal under the public land laws necessary to permit disposal of such land.

Withdraws the Federal and State land from: (1) location, entry, and patent under the mining and public land laws; and (2) disposition under the mineral leasing laws and the Geothermal Steam Act of 1970.