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H.R. 4044 (109th): Rapid Response Border Protection Act of 2005

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10/7/2005--Introduced. Rapid Response Border Protection Act of 2005 - Authorizes the emergency deployment of Border Patrol agents to a requesting border state.

Sets forth provisions for Border Patrol acquisition and use of: (1) helicopters and power boats, (2) motor vehicles; (3) portable computers; (4) radio communications; (5) hand-held global positioning devices; (6) night vision equipment; and (7) body armor, uniform items, and weapons.

Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) to: (1) provide for additional detention space for illegal aliens; (2) increase Border Patrol agents, airport and land border immigration inspectors, immigration enforcement officers, and fraud and document fraud investigators; (3) enhance Border Patrol training and operational facilities; (4) establish immigration, customs, and agriculture inspector occupations within the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection; (5) reestablish the Border Patrol anti-smuggling unit; (6) establish criminal investigator occupations within DHS; (7) increase Border Patrol agent and investigator pay; (8) require foreign language training for appropriate DHS employees; and (9) establish the Task Force on Fraudulent Immigration Documents.

Increases maximum employer-paid student loan amounts for Border Patrol agents.

Repeals the DHS human resources management system.

Redefines the term "law enforcement officer" under provisions of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) to include: (1) federal employees not otherwise covered by such term whose duties include the investigation or apprehension of suspected or convicted individuals and who are authorized to carry a firearm; and (2) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees whose duties are primarily the collection of delinquent taxes and the securing of delinquent returns.

Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to establish within the S visa nonimmigrant classification (criminal or terrorist law enforcement assistance) a category for an alien: (1) who has reliable information about a commercial alien smuggling enterprise; (2) who is willing to supply or has supplied such information to a federal or state court; and (3) whose presence in the United States is essential to such investigation. Authorizes: (1) up to 400 annual entrants; and (2) status adjustment to permanent resident when needed to protect such individuals.

Establishes a reward program to assist in eliminating immigration-related commercial document fraud operations.