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S.Res. 5 (109th): Senate Committee Organizing resolution

The text of the bill below is as of Jan 6, 2005 (Resolution Agreed to by Senate).



1st Session

S. RES. 5


January 6, 2005

submitted the following resolution; which was considered and agreed to


Making majority party appointments to certain Senate committees for the 109th Congress.

That notwithstanding the provisions of Rule XXV, the following shall constitute the majority party's membership on the following standing committees for the One Hundred Ninth Congress, or until their successors are chosen:

Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry: Mr. Chambliss (Chairman), Mr. Lugar, Mr. Cochran, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Talent, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Santorum, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Crapo, and Mr. Grassley.

Committee on Appropriations: Mr. Cochran (Chairman), Mr. Stevens, Mr. Specter, Mr. Domenici, Mr. Bond, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Burns, Mr. Shelby, Mr. Gregg, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Craig, Mrs. Hutchison, Mr. DeWine, Mr. Brownback, and Mr. Allard.

Committee on Armed Services: Mr. Warner (Chairman), Mr. McCain, Mr. Inhofe, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Sessions, Ms. Collins, Mr. Ensign, Mr. Talent, Mr. Chambliss, Mr. Graham, Mrs. Dole, Mr. Cornyn, and Mr. Thune.

Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: Mr. Shelby (Chairman), Mr. Bennett, Mr. Allard, Mr. Enzi, Mr. Hagel, Mr. Santorum, Mr. Bunning, Mr. Crapo, Mr. Sununu, Mrs. Dole, and Mr. Martinez.

Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation: Mr. Stevens (Chairman), Mr. McCain, Mr. Burns, Mr. Lott, Mrs. Hutchison, Ms. Snowe, Mr. Smith, Mr. Ensign, Mr. Allen, Mr. Sununu, Mr. Demint, and Mr. Vitter.

Committee on Energy and Natural Resources: Mr. Domenici (Chairman), Mr. Craig, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Alexander, Ms. Murkowski, Mr. Burr, Mr. Martinez, Mr. Talent, Mr. Burns, Mr. Allen, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Bunning.

Committee on Environment and Public Works: Mr. Inhofe (Chairman), Mr. Warner, Mr. Bond, Mr. Voinovich, Mr. Chafee, Ms. Murkowski, Mr. Thune, Mr. Demint, Mr. Isakson, and Mr. Vitter.

Committee on Finance: Mr. Grassley (Chairman), Mr. Hatch, Mr. Lott, Ms. Snowe, Mr. Kyl, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Santorum, Mr. Frist, Mr. Smith, Mr. Bunning, and Mr. Crapo.

Committee on Foreign Relations: Mr. Lugar (Chairman), Mr. Hagel, Mr. Chafee, Mr. Allen, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Voinovich, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Sununu, Ms. Murkowski, and Mr. Martinez.

Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions: Mr. Enzi (Chairman), Mr. Gregg, Mr. Frist, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Burr, Mr. Isakson, Mr. DeWine, Mr. Ensign, Mr. Hatch, Mr. Sessions, and Mr. Roberts.

Committee on Homeland Security and Govermental Affairs: Ms. Collins (Chairman), Mr. Stevens, Mr. Voinovich, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Coburn, Mr. Chafee, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Domenici, and Mr. Warner.

Select Committee on Intelligence: Mr. Roberts (Chairman), Mr. Hatch, Mr. DeWine, Mr. Bond, Mr. Lott, Ms. Snowe, Mr. Hagel, Mr. Chambliss, and Mr. Warner (ex officio).

Committee on the Judiciary: Mr. Specter (Chairman), Mr. Hatch, Mr. Grassley, Mr. Kyl, Mr. DeWine, Mr. Sessions, Mr. Graham, Mr. Cornyn, Mr. Brownback, and Mr. Coburn.

Special Committee on Aging: Mr. Smith (Chairman), Mr. Shelby, Ms. Collins, Mr. Talent, Mrs. Dole, Mr. Martinez, Mr. Craig, Mr. Santorum, Mr. Burns, Mr. Alexander, and Mr. Demint.

Committee on the Budget: Mr. Gregg (Chairman), Mr. Domenici, Mr. Grassley, Mr. Allard, Mr. Enzi, Mr. Sessions, Mr. Bunning, Mr. Crapo, Mr. Ensign, Mr. Cornyn, Mr. Alexander, and Mr. Graham.

Select Committee on Ethics: Mr. Voinovich (Chairman), Mr. Roberts, and Mr. Thomas.

Committee on Indian Affairs: Mr. McCain (Chairman), Mr. Thomas, Ms. Murkowski, Mr. Coburn, Mr. Domenici, Mr. Smith, Mr. Crapo, and Mr. Burr.

Joint Economic Committee: Mr. Bennett (Vice-Chairman), Mr. Brownback, Mr. Sununu, Mr. Demint, Mr. Sessions, and Mr. Cornyn.

Committee on Rules and Administration: Mr. Lott (Chairman), Mr. Stevens, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Cochran, Mr. Santorum, Mr. Frist, Mr. Chambliss, Mrs. Hutchison, Mr. Bennett, and Mr. Hagel.

Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship: Ms. Snowe (Chairman), Mr. Bond, Mr. Burns, Mr. Allen, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Thune, Mr. Isakson, Mr. Vitter, Mr. Enzi, and Mr. Cornyn.

Committee on Veterans' Affairs: Mr. Craig (Chairman), Mr. Specter, Mrs. Hutchison, Mr. Graham, Mr. Burr, Mr. Ensign, Mr. Thune, and Mr. Isakson.