Text of Recognizing the 235th birthday of the United States Army.

This resolution was introduced in a previous session of Congress and though it was passed by both chambers on June 28, 2010 it was passed in non-identical forms and the differences were never resolved. The text of the bill below is as of Jun 28, 2010 (Passed the Senate (Engrossed) with an Amendment).

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Source: GPO


2d Session

H. CON. RES. 286

In the Senate of the United States,

June 28, 2010.


That the resolution from the House of Representatives (H. Con. Res. 286) entitled Concurrent resolution recognizing the 235th birthday of the United States Army., do pass with the following

Strike the preamble and insert the following:

Whereas on June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress, representing the citizens of 13 American colonies, authorized the establishment of the Continental Army;

Whereas for the past 235 years, the United States Army’s central mission has been to fight and win wars;

Whereas the 183 campaign streamers from Lexington to Iraqi Surge carried on the Army flag are a testament to the valor, commitment, and sacrifice of the brave members of the United States Army;

Whereas members of the United States Army have won extraordinary distinction and respect for the Nation and its Army stemming from engagements around the globe;

Whereas in 2010, the United States will reflect on the contributions of members of the United States Army on the Korean peninsula in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War;

Whereas the motto on the United States Army seal, This We’ll Defend, is the creed by which the members of the Army live and serve;

Whereas the United States Army is an all-volunteer force that is trained and ready for any adversary that might threaten our Nation or its national security interests; and

Whereas no matter what the cause, location, or magnitude of future conflicts, the United States can rely on its well-trained, well-led, and highly motivated members of the United States Army to successfully carry out the missions entrusted to them: Now, therefore, be it

Strike all after the resolving clause and insert the following:

That Congress—

expresses its appreciation to the members of the United States Army for 235 years of dedicated service; and


honors the valor, commitment, and sacrifice that members of the United States Army, their families, and Army civilians have displayed throughout the history of the Army.