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H.R. 3345 (111th): National Guard Technician Equity Act

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7/27/2009--Introduced. National Guard Technician Equity Act - Authorizes the employment of a person as a non-dual status technician if: (1) the technician position has been designated to be filled only by a non-dual status technician; or (2) the person occupying the technician position has at least 20 years of service as a dual status military technician.

Repeals: (1) the permanent limitation on the number of non-dual status technicians; and (2) the prohibition against overtime pay for National Guard technicians.

Provides for: (1) up to 12 months of continued compensation for a military technician who was hired as a dual status technician but who is no longer a member of the Selected Reserve; (2) an extended deployment bonus for military technicians; (3) certain enlistment, reinlistment, and student loan benefits for military technicians.

Reduces the eligibility age for retired pay to 55 years old.

Makes a dual status military technician eligible for early retirement if separating from the Selected Reserve or ceasing to hold a specified military grade after: (1) completing 25 years of technician service; or (2) becoming 50 years old and completing 20 years of such service.

Increases annual paid employment leave to 30 days for Reserve or National Guard duty.

Revises specified provisions regarding employer health plan contributions for members of a reserve component of the Armed Forces.