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H.R. 6100 (111th): Pick-Sloan Tribal Commission Act of 2010

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8/10/2010--Introduced. Pick-Sloan Tribal Commission Act of 2010 - Establishes the Pick-Sloan Tribal Commission for Comprehensive Resolution to consult with Indian tribes affected by the Pick-Sloan Program and to conduct a study of: (1) the impacts of the Program on the affected Indian tribes and the federal government measures attempting to address those impacts; (2) other proposed measures addressing the impacts of the Program on such Indian tribes; (3) the results of any other studies regarding those impacts and potential solutions, including any related studies conducted by the Joint Tribal Advisory Committee; and (4) comparisons involving other situations in which federal hydroelectric projects or federally licensed hydroelectric projects have resulted in the taking or occupation of Indian land and the compensation or other measures Indian tribes have been or are being provided in those situations.

Requires the Commission to: (1) maintain an information website beginning on the date of its first meeting; (2) hold at least three hearings; (3) develop a proposal that comprehensively resolves the Program's impacts on, and provides for full and final compensation to, the affected Indian tribes; and (4) issue a report.