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H.R. 6527 (111th): To provide the Quileute Indian Tribe Tsunami and Flood Protection, and for other purposes.

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12/16/2010--Introduced. Designates specified federal land within Olympic National Park, Washington, as wilderness or potential wilderness. Incorporates them within the Olympic Wilderness.

Removes certain federal land within the Park's Olympic Wilderness from inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System.

Places specified federal land within the Park and specified nonfederal land owned by the Quileute Indian Tribe in trust for the Tribe. Includes those lands in the Quileute Indian Reservation.

Subjects portions of the federal land conveyed to the Tribe to easements and conditions that preserve the natural condition of the land and provide the public with recreational access to the land and Park.

Exempts land conveyed to the Tribe along the southern boundary of the Reservation from any easements or conditions. Allows that land to be altered to allow for the relocation of Tribe members and structures outside the tsunami and Quillayute River flood zones.

Extinguishes the Tribe's claims against the United States relating to the Park's past or present ownership, entry, use, surveys, or other activities upon the conveyance of the land to the Tribe and a formal Tribal Council resolution.