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S.Res. 27 (111th): A resolution congratulating the Pittsburgh Steelers on winning Super Bowl XLIII.

The text of the bill below is as of Feb 4, 2009 (Resolution Agreed to by Senate).

Source: GPO



1st Session

S. RES. 27


February 4, 2009

(for himself and Mr. Specter) submitted the following resolution; which was considered and agreed to


Congratulating the Pittsburgh Steelers on winning Super Bowl XLIII.

Whereas on February 1, 2009, the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals to win Super Bowl XLIII;

Whereas the Steelers' 27–23 victory over the Cardinals was the Steelers’ sixth Super Bowl win, the most Super Bowl wins in National Football League (NFL) history;

Whereas the Rooney family has exhibited a strong commitment to the Steelers organization, has led the Steelers to win 6 Super Bowl titles, and has created a legacy of dedication to, and integrity in, the NFL;

Whereas Coach Mike Tomlin is to be congratulated for being the youngest coach in the NFL to win a Super Bowl, in only his second season as the head coach of the Steelers;

Whereas Steeler Nation, which encompasses fans from all over the world, is to be honored for proudly waving Terrible Towels in support of the Pittsburgh Steelers;

Whereas the Pittsburgh Steelers are an iconic symbol for hardworking Pittsburghers, exhibiting the same strong work ethic and ability to fight to the bitter end to achieve success as Pittsburghers;

Whereas the leadership of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger led the team to wins in the final plays of games throughout the season, and especially during the last 2 minutes and 30 seconds of Super Bowl XLIII;

Whereas Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes was named the Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl XLIII for his 6-yard touchdown reception with 35 seconds remaining, which is being called one of the most historic plays in Super Bowl history;

Whereas Steelers linebacker James Harrison, NFL Defensive Player of the Year, intercepted Kurt Warner at the goal line and returned the ball for a 100-yard touchdown, which has been recorded as the longest play in Super Bowl history;

Whereas the Steelers defense, under the leadership of 50-year NFL veteran and Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, ranked number 1 in defense in the NFL throughout the 2008 season and carried the Pittsburgh Steelers to a winning season and a Super Bowl victory;

Whereas the Pittsburgh Steelers faced one of the toughest schedules during the 2008 NFL season and persevered to a winning season and a Super Bowl victory; and

Whereas approximately 400,000 Steelers fans packed the streets of Pittsburgh on February 3, 2009 to honor the Steelers in a parade along Grant Street and the Boulevard of the Allies: Now, therefore, be it

That the Senate—




the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning Super Bowl XLIII;


the Rooney family and the Steelers coaching and support staff, whose commitment to the Steelers organization has sustained this proud organization and allowed the team to reach its sixth Super Bowl victory;


all Steelers fans, from around the world, whose enthusiasm for the team earns them recognition as one of the most loyal fan-bases in all sports; and


the Arizona Cardinals on an outstanding season; and


directs the Secretary of the Senate to transmit an enrolled copy of this resolution to—


Steelers Chairman, Dan Rooney;


Steelers President, Art Rooney II; and


Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin.