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H.R. 3242 (112th): Save Our Climate Act of 2011

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress.

10/24/2011--Introduced. Save Our Climate Act of 2011- Amends the Internal Revenue Code to impose an excise tax on the carbon content of any taxable fuel sold by a manufacturer, producer, or importer. Sets the amount of such tax at $10 per ton of the carbon dioxide produced by combustion in such fuel, with annual increases in the amount of such tax until the level of carbon dioxide emissions for a calendar year does not exceed 20% of the level of such emissions for calender year 1990 (target attainment year). Exempts from such tax the sale or in-kind exchange of fuel for deposit in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and certain exports or resales of such fuel.

Defines "taxable fuel" as coal (including lignite and peat), petroleum and any petroleum product, natural gas, biomass, municipal solid waste, and any organic material other than coal, petroleum, and natural gas that is sold for the purpose of energy production, which is extracted, manufactured, or produced in the United States or entered into the United States for consumption, use, or warehousing.