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H.R. 3802 (112th): National Pro-Life Waiting Period Act of 2012

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1/23/2012--Introduced. National Pro-Life Waiting Period Act of 2012 - Prohibits an abortion provider engaged in interstate or foreign commerce from performing an abortion without waiting 24 hours after obtaining a written certification from the pregnant woman certifying the date and time of her first in-person meeting with the provider to seek the abortion.

Makes an exception if the abortion is necessary to save a mother whose life is endangered by a physical disorder, illness, or injury, including a physical condition arising from the pregnancy itself. Requires the provider to certify the specific medical conditions that support such determination and include the certification in the woman's medical file.

Sets penalties for willfully falsifying such a certification or for otherwise violating this Act. Establishes a private right of action against a provider to any woman upon whom an abortion has been performed in violation of this Act.

States that this Act does not affect the duration of any waiting period required under state law that is equal to or longer than the waiting period required by this Act.