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H.R. 6285 (112th): To provide for the conveyance of the former Mifflin County Army Reserve Center in Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

The text of the bill below is as of Aug 2, 2012 (Introduced).



2d Session

H. R. 6285


August 2, 2012

(for himself and Mr. Marino) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Armed Services


To provide for the conveyance of the former Mifflin County Army Reserve Center in Lewistown, Pennsylvania.


Land conveyance, Mifflin County United States Army Reserve Center, Lewistown, Pennsylvania


Conveyance authorized

The Secretary of the Army may convey, without consideration, to Derry Township, Pennsylvania (in this section referred to as the Township), all right, title, and interest of the United States in and to a parcel of real property, including any improvements thereon, consisting of approximately 4.52 acres and containing the Mifflin County Army Reserve Center located at 73 Reserve Lane, Lewistown, Pennsylvania (parcel number 16,01–0113J), for the purpose of permitting the Township to use the parcel for a regional police headquarters and other public purposes.


Interim lease

Until such time as the real property described in subsection (a) is conveyed to the Township, the Secretary may lease the property to the Township.


Payment of costs of conveyance


Payment required

The Secretary shall require the Township to cover costs (except costs for environmental remediation of the property) to be incurred by the Secretary, or to reimburse the Secretary for such costs incurred by the Secretary, to carry out the conveyance under subsection (a), including survey costs, costs for environmental documentation, and any other administrative costs related to the conveyance. If amounts are collected from the Township in advance of the Secretary incurring the actual costs, and the amount collected exceeds the costs actually incurred by the Secretary to carry out the conveyance, the Secretary shall refund the excess amount to the Township.


Treatment of amounts received

Amounts received as reimbursement under paragraph (1) shall be credited to the fund or account that was used to cover those costs incurred by the Secretary in carrying out the conveyance. Amounts so credited shall be merged with amounts in such fund or account, and shall be available for the same purposes, and subject to the same conditions and limitations, as amounts in such fund or account.


Conditions of conveyance

The conveyance of the real property under subsection (a) shall be subject to the following conditions:


That the Township not use any Federal funds to cover any portion of the conveyance costs required by subsection (c) to be paid by the Township or to cover the costs for the design or construction of any facility on the property.


That the Township begin using the property for public purposes before the end of the five-year period beginning on the date of conveyance.


Description of property

The exact acreage and legal description of the property to be conveyed under subsection (a) shall be determined by a survey satisfactory to the Secretary.


Additional terms

The Secretary may require such additional terms and conditions in connection with the conveyance under this section as the Secretary considers appropriate to protect the interests of the United States.