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S. 1343 (112th): Energy and Water Integration Act of 2011

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7/11/2011--Reported to Senate without amendment. Energy and Water Integration Act of 2011 - Directs the Secretary of Energy (DOE) (the Secretary) to enter into an arrangement with the National Academy of Sciences to conduct an in-depth analysis of the impact of energy development and production on U.S. water resources. Requires the study to include a lifecycle assessment of the quantity of water withdrawn and consumed in the production of transportation fuels or electricity used as a fuel source, including an analysis of any unique water impact associated with a specific fuel source.

Requires the Secretary to conduct a study to identify alternative technologies and related strategies to optimize water and energy efficiency in the production of electricity by each type of generation, including generaltion by coal, oil and natural gas, hydropower, thermal solar, and nuclear facilities.

Directs the Secretary of the Interior: (1) acting through the Commissioner of Reclamation, to conduct a study to evaluate the quantities of energy used in water storage and delivery operations in federal reclamation projects; and (2) to operate, manage, and maintain facilities to carry out research, development, and demonstration activities to develop technologies and methods that promote brackish groundwater desalination as a viable method to increase water supply in a cost-effective manner.

Reauthorizes the Water Desalination Act of 1996 through FY2016.

Amends the Department of Energy Organization Act to require the Administrator of the Energy Information Administration to conduct an assessment of energy consumption in various sectors of the economy that are associated with the procurement, treatment, or delivery of water.

Requires the Secretary to develop an Energy-Water Research and Development Roadmap to define the future research, development, demonstration, and commercialization efforts that are required to address emerging water-related challenges to future, cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable energy generation and production.

Authorizes the Secretary to carry out a competitive grant program under which the Secretary may provide grants to local goverments, state or local waste or wastewater agencies, or Indian tribes to demonstrate the deployment of technologies that reduce the consumption of, or conserve, energy supplies through energy savings and water conservation activities in commercial, residential, and mixed-use development projects.

Directs the Secretary to carry out a program similar to the national rural water and wastewater circuit rider program to: (1) provide on-site technical assistance to rural drinking water and wastewater utilities; and (2) improve energy efficiency, identify and develop alternative and renewable energy supplies, and conserve water in the operation of rural drinking water and wastewater utilities.

Directs the Secretary to conduct a comprehensive study to determine the interrelated nature of water and energy use to promote the efficient use of water and energy.