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S.Res. 574 (112th): A resolution calling on the United Nations to take concerted actions against leaders in Iran for their statements calling for the destruction of another United Nations Member State, Israel.

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9/20/2012--Introduced. Condemns Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini and President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's offensive remarks and reprehensible policies aimed at Israel's destruction, and urges all United Nations (U.N.) member states to do the same.

Calls on the U.N. Security Council to act against Iran for violating the U.N. Charter and further calls on all U.N. member states to fully implement existing Security Council resolutions sanctioning Iran and to take stronger unilateral diplomatic and economic measures to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Calls on the Security Council and all U.N. member states to consider targeted sanctions, travel bans, and other measures linked to the cessation of Iran's incitement to hatred and genocide.

Calls for the Secretary General's Advisory Committee on the Prevention of Genocide to make recommendations to the Security Council to report on Iranian genocide threats.

Calls on parties to the Genocide Convention to file a complaint against leaders in Iran before the International Court of Justice for Iran's failure to abide by its obligations under the Genocide Convention.

Reaffirms the strategic partnership and friendship between the United States and Israel and reasserts the steadfast commitment of the people and the government of the United States to defend Israel's right to exist as a free and democratic state.