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H.R. 1348 (113th): Great Bend of the Gila National Monument Establishment Act

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3/21/2013--Introduced. Great Bend of the Gila National Monument Establishment Act - Establishes the Great Bend of the Gila National Monument in Arizona.

Requires the Secretary of the Interior to manage the Monument as part of the National Landscape Conservation System by allowing only such uses of the Monument that further the purposes for which it was established.

Requires the Monument to be managed so as to maintain its undeveloped character and to protect and restore its cultural resources, species, and ecosystems.

Directs the Secretary to conduct an inventory of invasive plant species in the Monument.

Authorizes the Secretary to carry out vegetation management treatments within the Monument.

Permits grazing within the Monument where it is already established.

Requires the Secretary to develop a management plan for the Monument. Instructs the Secretary to prepare such plan in government-to-government consultation with Indian tribes having a cultural or historic tie to the Great Bend of the Gila.

Allows for the continued use of the Monument by members of tribes for traditional ceremonies and as a source of traditional plants and other materials.

Authorizes the Secretary to allow scientific research to be conducted within the Monument, including research for the preservation of the historic and cultural resources of the Monument.

Permits the Secretary to conduct or authorize other persons to conduct research regarding the effects of climate change on the Monument's resources.

Prohibits renewable energy and transmission development projects from being carried out in the Monument.