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H.R. 2414 (113th): Black Box Privacy Protection Act

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6/18/2013--Introduced. Black Box Privacy Protection Act - Amends the Automobile Information Disclosure Act to require manufacturers of new automobiles to disclose on the information label affixed to the window of the automobile: (1) the presence and location of an event data recorder (commonly referred to as a "black box"), (2) the type of information recorded and how such information is recorded, and (3) that the recording may be used in a law enforcement proceeding.

Sets forth similar requirements for motorcycle manufacturers.

Defines "event data recorder" as any device or means of technology installed in an automobile that records information such as automobile or motorcycle speed, seatbelt use, application of brakes, or other information pertinent to the operation of the automobile or motorcycle.

Prohibits the manufacture, sale, offering for sale, or import into the United States of an automobile manufactured after 2015 (bearing a model year of 2016 or later) that is equipped with an event data recorder, unless the consumer can control the recording of information.

Requires the event data recorder in an automobile or motorcycle, and any data recorded, to be considered the property of the owner of the automobile or motorcycle. Makes the retrieval or downloading of recorded data by any other person unlawful, except: (1) with the owner's consent, (2) in response to a court order, or (3) by a dealer or automotive technician to service the vehicle.

Requires certain violations to be treated as unfair or deceptive acts or practices under the Federal Trade Commission Act.