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H.R. 249 (113th): Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act of 2013

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress.

4/12/2013--Reported to House without amendment, Part I. Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act of 2013 - Makes any person who has a seriously delinquent tax debt ineligible for federal employment or to continue serving as a federal employee. Defines "seriously delinquent tax debt" as an outstanding tax debt for which a notice of lien has been filed in public records. Exempts a tax debt: (1) that is being paid in a timely manner under an approved installment payment agreement or an offer-in-compromise, (2) for which a collection due process hearing has been requested or pending, (3) for which a levy has been issued or agreed to by an applicant for employment, or (4) that is determined to be an economic hardship to the taxpayer.

Requires each federal agency to: (1) ensure that applicants for employment certify that they do not have a seriously delinquent tax debt, (2) review public records to determine if a notice of lien has been filed against an employee or applicant, and (3) restrict access to and use of information obtained under this Act.

Authorizes an agency, if a tax lien against a federal employee or applicant is discovered in any public record, to: (1) request such employee or applicant to execute and submit a form authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to disclose to an agency head information describing whether the employee or applicant has a seriously delinquent tax debt, and (2) contact the Secretary to request tax information about a seriously delinquent tax debt of an employee or applicant.

Requires the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to promulgate regulations to carry out this Act that provide taxpayers with all due process rights and to report to Congress annually on the number of exemptions granted for financial hardship. Grants federal employees or applicants 180 days to demonstrate that their tax debts are exempt from classification as a seriously delinquent tax debt under this Act.

Makes this Act effective nine months after its enactment.