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H.R. 419 (113th): Taiwan Policy Act of 2013

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress.

1/25/2013--Introduced. Taiwan Policy Act of 2013 - States that nothing in this Act shall be construed to amend or supersede the Taiwan Relations Act.

States that it shall be U.S. policy to: (1) support Taiwan and the human rights of its people, (2) permit senior leaders of Taiwan to enter the United States under conditions of appropriate respect and permit meetings between high level Taiwanese and U.S. officials in all U.S. executive departments, and (3) sign a comprehensive extradition agreement.

Authorizes the President to: (1) accept a letter of request from Taiwan for price and availability data or for a formal sales offer regarding the F-16C/D Fighting Falcon or other similar aircraft, and (2) transfer specified naval vessels to Taiwan.

States that in conducting relations with Taiwan and China the United States continues to assent to the six assurances provided to Taiwan in 1982.

Directs: (1) the President to appoint a Director of the American Institute in Taiwan, (2) the Department of State to continue its program to ensure meaningful participation by Taiwan in international organizations, and (3) the Secretary of State to brief Congress about any potential defense-related transfers to Taiwan.

Authorizes the President to make available to Taiwan defense items or defense services, including: (1) air, maritime, and ground capabilities; and (2) capacity for partnership with friendly foreign militaries.

Expresses the sense of Congress that the goal of trade negotiations with Taiwan should be the negotiation of a free trade agreement.