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H.R. 4422 (113th): Veterans’ Job Corps Act

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4/8/2014--Introduced. Veterans' Job Corps Act - Authorizes the President to establish and operate a Veterans' Job Corps to employ veterans and veterans' widows or widowers who are otherwise unemployed in the construction, maintenance, and carrying on of public works in connection with: (1) the forestation of U.S. or state lands; (2) the prevention of forest fires, floods, and soil erosion; (3) public safety; (4) plant pest and disease control; and (5) the construction, maintenance, or repair of paths, trails, and fire-lanes in National Park System units and other public lands.

Directs the President to employ individuals in the Corps in the following order of preference: (1) unemployed veterans, and (2) widows or widowers who are eligible for unemployment compensation immediately before employment in the Corps.

Authorizes the President to provide individuals employed in the Corps with housing, necessary subsistence, clothing, medical attendance and hospitalization, a cash allowance, and transportation to and from the places of employment.

Prohibits the employment in the Corps of an individual convicted of a felony or a veteran who was discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions.