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H.R. 444 (113th): Require a PLAN Act

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress.

2/6/2013--Passed House amended. Require Presidential Leadership and No Deficit Act or Require a PLAN Act - Directs the President, if his budget for FY2014, as submitted to Congress, results in a projected deficit in every fiscal year for which estimates are provided in it, to submit by April 1, 2013, a supplemental unified budget (the total level of outlays, total level of receipts, and the resulting deficit or surplus of the U.S. government for a fiscal year).

Requires a supplemental unified budget to include:

the information required by law for the President's budget, an estimate of the earliest fiscal year in which the supplemental budget is not projected to result in a deficit, a detailed description of additional policies to be implemented in order to achieve such result (including an evaluation of duplicative agency functions and agency effectiveness, and proposals for consolidating duplicative functions and programs between agencies in the interests of cost-savings), an explanation of the differences between the President's original FY2014 budget and the supplemental unified budget, and an estimate of the cost per taxpayer of the annual deficit for each year in which the supplemental unified budget is projected to result in a deficit. Requires the unified budget to include, under a separate heading entitled "Direct Spending," a category for "Means-Tested Direct Spending and a category for "Nonmeans-Tested Direct Spending" which specify:

the average rate of growth for each category in the total amount of outlays during the 10-year period preceding the budget year, information on the budget proposals for reform of such programs, a description of programs which shall be considered means-tested direct spending and nonmeans-tested direct spending, and an annual estimate of the total amount of outlays for each such program for the period covered by the budget proposal.